Vichy Laboratories

Vichy Laboratories

Vichy Laboratories, pride themselves on being one of the top sources of healthy skin. Vichy focuses its research on three primary areas which include building the skins tolerance, prevent and correcting the effects of aging and helping defend the skin against the harsh environmental effects. All Vichy products are formulated to abide and promote these three key principles. Vichy is one of the most popular dermocosmetic brands in Europe and is now expanding into other continents. Unlike other make up and cosmetic suppliers, Vichy have always based their development and production with the advice of pharmacists who are well know specialists of the most effective health and skin care.

Vichy skincare offers the unique dermatological virtues of Vichy thermal water associated with special active ingredients: Mexoryl SX and Aminexil, making is very effective. One of the main reasons why this line of cosmetics is so highly respected is because Vichys products are reliably safe, hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested. In addition, they are also moderately prices, making them affordable but without losing the sense of quality.

Vichy dermablend make up is designed to last all day long. It is able to apply so well it almost fuses onto the skin, allowing the pigments of the skin to perfectly match the epidermis, the skins surface. This enables the Vichy make up range to last for up to 12 hours. Vichy is known for its supple substance which becomes fluid on contact with the skin, coating blemishes with a concentrated action without over-thickening the texture. This means that the coverage of Vichys foundation is twice as affective as in a traditional foundation making the foundation perfectly flexible and very easy to blend into the skin tones. This enables perfect coverage of unwanted flaws, without becoming dry or mask-like. This results in instant, skin irregularities being concealed, without leaving demarcation lines or blotches or make-up. By using Vichy products the skins complexion looks and feels even and radiant making it supple and healthy looking. While Vichy cosmetics are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, Oil-free, Fragrance free, they are also tested on sensitive and delicate skin allowing them to be used by all skin types.

The Vichy range included many products from anti aging creams to sun creams. Vichy moisturisers are some of the most popular items as are the Vichy deodorants. For more Vichy products visit Pharmacy at hand, the online pharmacist.