Understanding The International Private Leased Circuit (Or IPLC) Line of Oracle Contact Center Anywh

Understanding The International Private Leased Circuit (Or IPLC) Line of Oracle Contact Center Anywh

The IPLC system stands for international private leased circuit line which serves as a private point-to-point system used for communication between members of an organization who are occupying offices in various parts of the world.

This private communication line can accommodate message delivery via different telecommunication systems like video conferencing, business data exchange, and the more common Internet access between members of the same organization, same company or same association (as deemed necessary.)The IPLC is the deployment system used in the Promero offering dubbed Oracle Contact Center Anywhere which is a call center solution made by software developer Oracle.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is used to create virtual call centers all around the world.To implement use of IPLC by call centers in the past, each call center had to file an application with one carrier to carry one private leased circuit line in one country, while contacting a different carrier in another country to carry the second private leased circuit - so essentially, the contact center company would have to create one invoice per carrier per country.

But nowadays, a call center can rely on the OSS method (or One Stop Shopping method) for handling the billing of two lines (even if one line is in one country and the other line is used in another country) via just one invoice. With the IPLC One Stop Shopping method, one call center can manage currency issues, with just one carrier handling the IPLC systems in either country.

This makes life easier for the call center so that it will only be doing business with one carrier for both lines.The IPLC is also good to use if the call center will be relying on bandwidth-intensive applications for its call center tasks. This is because the IPLC can supply enough bandwidth even for such bandwidth-intensive applications. At the same time, the IPLC will be able to handle seamless integration of voice, data and imaging services as needed.

This means your enterprise can be able to conduct video conferencing, telemedicine, conferencing between different Local Area Networks (or LAN-to-LAN), and of course Internet access. This does not mean that the IPLC is the perfect communication system for a call center or similar enterprise to use.

The IPLC also has its disadvantages such as when various traffic varieties rely on the network, and display different traffic engineering features and influence setting performance in their respective ways.

In India, there are now more carriers competing as IPLC carriers which means that prices of services tend to fall as a result. Though at the moment India only permits ILDOs (or International Long Distance Operators) to serve as IPLC merchants, the ILD sector has been opened up too as of February 2007. The Indian government is also planning to permit the ILD sector known as the IPLC segment to be opened for Resale activities five years from February 2007.