Understanding Alpha Women Role Models and Characteristics

Understanding Alpha Women Role Models and Characteristics

In Alpha Relational Dynamics I like to deal with the Alpha female models. Once you know your relationship to the Alpha model of women, those that are of lesser caliber (or any combination of them) youll know how to handle or work with.

Keep in mind that most dating coaches dont even touch on the topic of female behaviorism..I dont know why because its half of the puzzle. Maybe because they just didnt understand and put all the emphasis on the man..if hes
failing it must be his fault.

With Alpha R.D. we have to look at root female behaviorism so we can see clearly and align the relational elements into their proper place; just like an architect or powerful producer would do.

Ok, so..

A woman (like a man) has three main behavioral characteristics; Natural, Inner and Social. From this is defined all of their behavior (Ive just broken it down). Know your relationship to each of these root
behavioristics at any level of development and you will be a powerful and effective ladies man.

The N.I.S. Alpha women we can look at as general stereotypes to help train you on differentiating these characteristics.

As I define, there are natural alphas, inner alphas and social alphas. Here Ill just give you an overview so you know what Im talking about because you know these women; its just time to really see.

In N.I.S. order, I call these feminine Alpha models; Palmys, Pradas and Prickteases.

The natural alpha role model I now call Palmy (or pure, pastoral). This is named after the Thai singer Palmy who is a perfect example of very strong natural feminine energy or character. She has innocence and purity in her character and its very easy to see, especially the more cognitive and alpha you become as a man.

The natural alpha woman is the more traditional woman as you know her. She hasnt developed necessarily as much as Pradas and she hasnt been influenced as much as the Prickteases. The Palmy would make a perfect wife because she has not been corrupted over with unnatural/frictional dogma.

There are few purely natural women left in the social matrix. That is why it is so hard to see them. You pretty much have to leave the social matrix itself and go to a more natural and down to earth culture.

Ironically, these women still make up the majority of women around the world, but the Architects wouldnt want you to know that because they would lose money and power.

The Alpha women you are more used to are the Pradas and Prickteases who intimidate the crap out of most men daily.

The Pradas are the long-term girlfriend types (so you think). Theyre the intelligent, hard-working,
independent, career woman who knows how to dress really well. You dont think of sex with her when you see her but you love her energy and are still thrown off by the idea of being with her.

They often have an aloof and dismissive attitude towards men because of their acquired independence. The Pradas are the Inner Character Alpha women because they have developed a strong, independent and unique personality and persona. You can think of them as representing NYC.

Examples would include Oprah Winfrey, Condi Rice, newsanchor women, fashion models (for female apparel), Nicole Kidmans, the girl with glasses and pony tail in a NYC cubicle.

The Prickteases are the Social Alpha women. You could say they represent Los Angeles. They generally have bleached blonde hair, fake boobs, tight, sexy clothes and they are
used to being the stimulus like their role models of Playboy girls and porn stars.

They will flash their T&A on the internet, in nightclubs or mens magazines.

They are nearly dependent on the social game. The stereotypical Pricktease (playboy girl) is low in Inner Character compared to Pradas.

And all other women are a general combination usually of lesser than Alpha quality. Now of course each woman is different and unique but that falls under her Inner Character.

A big point here of having cognition of these root behavioristics is so that you can bring women down to earth relationally. When you understand your relationship to any level of her development and can realize that she is still a person like you are, youll be able to stop making her a Pussaliath.

her Inner and Social character are both causally rooted and logical. Its her natural character that matters so you can just override any level of development she has in relation to you because its the natural character that matters anyways.

When youre equal to her and not overedifying her characteristics (b/c you understand them now), youll actually be able to then appreciate her for who she is instead of being blinded by it.

So each woman has a bit of Palmy, Prada and Pricktease in her. They are all different but its these three alpha female models that will train you to have power.

Because when you know your relationship to the most extreme and desirable alpha model of each of those (ie. a Paris Hilton social alpha), then youll know your relationship to all other women who represent any level of power too.

There is a lot more training to do in this area so I encourage you to find out more because this is the real fix because instead of being ignorant to their leveraged power (rooted socially), youll be able to cut through it all and see the true woman while retaining your power and favor.

-Rion Williams