Types of Information You Can Find When You Recover Deleted Text Messages

Types of Information You Can Find When You Recover Deleted Text Messages

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There are many people that are amazed when they realize the wide variety of different types of information that you can obtain when you recover deleted text messages and other types of data from a spouse, partner, employee, or teens cell phone. Advancements that have been made in the high-tech field of investigations and in the communications industry makes it possible for expert private investigators to obtain several different forms of helpful information from cell phones. This would include information that can be obtained from the data left behind or erased from a cheating spouse or partner that is committing infidelity, pictures or texts that often prove that a persons teenager to be using illegal drugs, sexting, or bullying other teens, and it can also obtain data that can prove employees that are committing theft against the company that they work for.

Before you consult with an expert private investigator that knows how to undelete deleted text messages and other types of revealing data, it is best to ensure that you are really ready to be made aware of what the information may say about your spouse or your child. Some of the most common forms of text and data that can be obtained when you have a professional private investigator perform a cell phone forensic investigation would include the following:

· Recover deleted text messages, sext messages, and SMS messages
· Information that has been erased from the address book of the cell phone
· Detailed records of calls that have been received or dialed, along with the duration and the time of these calls
· Incriminating photographs or graphics that may have been deleted
· Caller ID information that has been erased
· Videos that have been taken and removed
· Email addresses that have been added
· Telephone numbers and names added and removed from the contact list
· Other data that has been erased

As you can see there are several different types of information that you can find when you have an expert investigator recover deleted text and other types of data that people commonly erase to keep their spouse, parents, or employer from finding out what they are up to.

Cell phone forensic investigations is one of the most beneficial types of investigative tools that are being used today to catch a cheater, investigate the activities that a teenage child is engaging in, and proving the theft that an employee is committing that an employer has had suspicions about.


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