Tips to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back - Without Begging Or Pleading

Tips to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back - Without Begging Or Pleading

When a relationship turns sour, usually one person will want to leave more than the other. Meanwhile if youre the odd one out, missing your ex girlfriend and wanting anything to get her back. Here are some tips to make your ex girlfriend want you back..

The Anti-Cry of Desperation

Did you beg and plead for your ex girlfriend to come back to you after the break up? Did you find that you ended up where you started? Or worse, a few steps back? What is it with about this scenario that keeps coming back over and over.

Well its surprisingly normal. You love and care about your ex girlfriend, of course youre going to do what you know to get her back. This strategy used to work with your parents - most things we do goes back to our childhood. And heres a classic scenario that turns grown men into crying 6 year olds.

So get it in your head that its NORMAL to react this way. Now that you know that it doesnt help, all you need to do is avoiding doing it in the future.

Hot and Cold

Imagine going from giving a whole heap of attention to your ex girlfriend to suddenly giving her none. Do you think shell notice? You bet! At first shes going to be breathing a sign of relief because thats what she THINKS she wants - you to leave her alone.

Sadly, its not, because shell eventually start to miss you and wonder if something is wrong the LONGER you withhold contact from her. Do you see how if she is calling you up and asking if something is wrong, that means she actually might have "enjoy" the attention just a tiny bit?

I say just a tiny bit because if you think that means its ok to go back to acting needy and desperate then Ill have to smack you!

It purely means that she has shown you a sign that she actually "does" want you to want her. Even though she has rejected you, she doesnt want you to reject her!

Getting Her Back

The attitude you must adopt if you want her back is that youre a man - not a kid anymore - and you can handle things without her. Not just handle, but enjoy life again without her around.

Find something youre passionate about that makes you want to get up in the morning. Thats the thing that will help you get through this tough time.

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