The Wedding Night Groom
The Wedding Night Groom

The Wedding Night Groom

Have you had fantasies about your wedding night? If you are going through the process of planning your wedding I hope you are thinking about that first night together as husband and a wife. And if you are the groom you are probably the one with the most expectations. More than likely you as the groom had very little to with the wedding planning. Oh, you may have been asked your opinion on a few things but only after someone else has already made a decision. Hopefully this is not the case but more than likely it is.

Well, now its your turn. The location for your wedding night has probably been planned but the groom can make sure everything is in order. Its like someone buying a house for you and now you get to decorate it. The way you want it. But dont be totally stubborn and, I might add foolish, and do things without consulting the bride. Make it a team effort and decide things together, leaving the door open for a few surprises that will show how innovative you can be.

Know in advance that the wedding day is going to be very long and more than likely with a few thing not going as planned. And think about the reception and how long you want to stay. If being with your friends and family are important then stay until you drop. But know full well that if that is your choice the late evening at your wedding night destination is going to little more than falling asleep. And especially for the bride since most of the pressures of the wedding day ride with her. But even if that is the case the groom can plan ahead and have a special surprise for when they arrive or have an unexpected surprise for the morning. What things does the bride like. Is there a special type of music, or maybe an exotic type of coffee drink she absolutely loves? How about rose petals scattered over the bed with an unexpected card that reasserts your vows to her.

You might not want to take a chance on both you and the bride being full of energy when you arrive at your wedding night destination. Think about having a wake up surprise. Then youve got yourself covered for being the best husband ever. Having room service bring breakfast to your room or a bouquet of flowers. Prepare a morning bathe for your new wife complemented with fresh fruits and champagne. You could always get up a little early and find a Starbucks and pick up her favorite coffee.

The bottom line for the groom is to plan ahead. And just like the advise given to the bride about not being disappointed when things dont go right, dont be disappointed if your evening doesnt go as expected. You will have a lifetime wedding nights ahead of you.

Jerry Thompson, a forgotten groom himself, thinks there should be more attention given the groom when planning a wedding. Visit his site @