The One Trait All Lottery Winners Possess

The One Trait All Lottery Winners Possess

The One Trait All Lottery Winners Possess

By Steve Paul

There are a lot of keys to successful lottery play and regular lottery winning. I have studied them for many years and I talk about them in my writings. After years of research, talking to many consistent winners, and analyzing my own wins, I believe Ive found the biggest key to successfully beating the lottery-PLAY CONSISTENTLY.

Just look at anyone who has been successful in life. The one constant you always find in them, is that they relentlessly kept at whatever course they were on. When times got tough, they redoubled their efforts. When family, or friends, or business advisors told them to stop, they ignored the doubters and made their own reality.

Successful people usually dont achieve it overnight. They have been battling for years before their efforts pay off. Most of the worlds richest people achieved their success through years of continous effort.

Winning at lotto is no different. The winners in lotto are persistent. Although most of us would love to win instantly, like most other things in life, it takes time and consistent effort. But, every time you do play your favorite lotto game, the rules of perseverance increase and the odds of chance are reduced. Together, they accelerate your winning possibilities.

You still need a good SYSTEM first that provides the foundation of good lottery play, a SYSTEM that eliminates the majority of non-winning numbers and patterns. The one I use eliminates 99% of all of these bad combinations. Once you have a good system, then all you have to do is trust in it, and play as many tickets as you can afford on a consistent basis. In doing this, you will come to accept your losses as just your cost of entry to your eventual wins. You wont feel guilty about losing because you know that its one step closer to wins. And, you will enjoy your wins that much more!

Dont give up after a few losses. Your lotto success will come with your persistence. And, with the right system, you can do better than 99% of the rest of the world that plays the lottery.

Happy Winning!

Steve Paul