The List Is Growing Of Balding Male Celebrities
The List Is Growing Of Balding Male Celebrities

The List Is Growing Of Balding Male Celebrities

Millions of men experience baldness and most men will experience some form of hair loss as they get older. Male celebrities are no different in this respect. The difference, however, lies with the type of work that they do. While the average man who is experiencing hair loss will not lose his job because of baldness, the same cannot be said for balding actors who may find themselves in the unemployment line if their looks fade.

The public is very much enamored with celebrities and expect perfection from their idols. Bald celebrities run the risk of losing their fan base that can end up costing them their jobs. For this reason, celebrity hair loss is usually addressed with a variety of options, including hair transplants. Male celebrities depend upon their looks just as much as female celebrities.

Some of the balding male celebrities include Jude Law, David Beckham, Matthew McConaughy, Jeremy Pivens, Tim McGraw and others. Even Prince William, whose hair is running thin, appears to be the victim of celebrity hair loss and despite the fact that he is line for the throne of England, this fact has not been ignored by the tabloids.

Very few bald celebrities are still considered sexy, with the exception of Sean Connery, who made his bones as James Bond when he had hair. For the most part, balding actors need to do something to cover up this flaw that is thought to be the result of genetics.

For years, celebrity hair loss was covered with hair pieces or toupees. These often looked false and often had the reverse effect of what the actor intended. Today, however, there is hope for balding actors and other bald celebrities. Hair restoration has come a long way in recent years and hair transplants, that take healthy hair cell from other areas of the scalp and plant them into the balding areas have proven to be the cutting edge when it comes to a solution for this problem. Many bald celebrities, or balding actors, have taken advantage of this technique to keep their hair. Unlike the hair plugs of years ago, that looked false, the new techniques with hair transplants can give hope to those who are experiencing hair loss.

Celebrity hair loss is no different than any other hair loss - it can make a person lose their confidence and, in the case of balding actors, it can make them lose roles that they need in order to survive. New techniques in hair restoration, including hair transplants, has given hope to many of those who are bald or balding, including the list of bald celebrities.

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