Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos, Tattoos, Tattoos, they seem more popular than ever before, you can even look for tattoo design ideas online. But why would people want to permanently mark their skin. People choose to be tattooed for various reasons, cosmetic, religious and memorial, there are even criminal tattoos to show which gang someone belongs to. Is it a statement - are they saying hey, look at me? This could be the case for some people but I wouldnt think so for the number of celebrities who seem to be having tattoos done.

Ok some are probably fakes but there are plenty of photographs available showing what particular tattoo they have at any one time.David Beckham has a guardian angel on his back and the names of his children. He also has a portrait of Victoria on his arm plus other tattoos. All of his tattoos are about people he loves in his life. Victoria has five stars on the base of her back and DB on her wrist

.Christina Aguilera has various tattoos along with a mysterious tattoo on her arm. It says Te Amo Siempre which means I Love You Always in Spanish. She also has Xtina on the back of her neck.Nashville Pussy seem to have too many tattoos to mention. Sienna Miller has a star just below her bikini line and three small stars on her shoulder. Courtney Love has a small K above her belly button. Rob Lowe has a small heart on his shoulder.

Patsy Kensit has an angel on her back and Janet Jackson has a Mickey & Minnie Mouse below her bikini line. Kerry Katona has a tribal design on her lower back and Winnie the Pooh on her butt. Gerry Halliwell has a black panther on her lower back. Colin Farrell has a cross on his arm and a large tattoo on his shoulder.

Eminem has various tattoos and dog tags around his neck. Drew Barrymore has a cross, butterfly and a cherub. Cherub tattoos are normally used as a memoriam. Nicolas Cage has ghost rider flaming skull on his arm.

Whatever the reason for having a tattoo there are thousands of tattoo parlours to choose from but also there are online databases where you can browse. Look at one of the biggest - you can browse through thousands of tattoos from butterflies, fish, patriotic, arm bands, sports and stars to cats and hearts and more, choose a design then print it out and take it to your favourite tattoo artist. If you want to look at the designs for more information please click on the link.

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