The best Camping In Israel

The best Camping In Israel

If you are nature person and you planing to arrive to Israel this article is special for you.Camping In Israel.

As you Probably know accommodation in hotels or even in cheap hostes can turn into an very expensive trip. But despite this there is another way to travel in Israel,and its much cheaper - camping. The camping in Israel can be a nice experience. because of the stable climate its almost posibole to camp all the year, or At least most of the year. The avg price for a night is around 30-50 NIS which is like 10-15 $.

We choose a 3 campsite in a 3 differents locations, that we think that they are the best places to camp while you in Israel.

Masada Parking Campsite

lies at the western side of the Masada site, which of course gives it its beauty of the Masada site. The site has security.Its proximity to the Masada site on one end and the dead sea on the other end makes the Masada parking without a doubt one of the recommended places for camping in Israel( Israel camping

Yanai beach

Yanai beach is located about 40 minutes north of Tel Aviv. The Yanai beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. The beach strip is wide and clean and the water is clean and with a turquoise color. The beach has a camping site (most beaches do not allow sleeping on the beach). The beach has the Amit Inbar club for kite surfing which is considered one of the best clubs in the world.

Ganey Huga

The Ganey Huga Park is park that has dozens of acres of green and nature, the park has three natural pools. The water is clean and cool.The entrance to the park is from 9:00 oclock in the morning and it allows staying at the park until the non hours of the next day with no added money!!! The park has a fence and is secure; the camping compound is lit all night (including the emergency lighting) The car park is adjacent to the camping compound the building of tents is allowed only in the parks green. There is an electricity option 24 volt only (for your own safety)