Ten Tricks for Wearing Nylon Stockings in the Summer

Ten Tricks for Wearing Nylon Stockings in the Summer

Wearing nylon stockings in the summer time in Australia can be extremely uncomfortable and it seems the summers are getting hotter each year. So, what do we do?

The answer is quite simple for anyone living north of the Queensland border and that is simply not to wear nylon stockings. Instead, we tend to have smooth tanned legs that unless you look closely, you would never know that we werent wearing a pair of fine nylon stockings.

During the day time we can get away with this but not if we want to dress up and go out to a fine restaurant in the evening.

In Australia though the heat of a hot summer afternoon lingers and it can still be uncomfortably warm until around 9pm. So, we can only hope that the restaurant we are going to is either air-conditioned or has a nice outdoor eating area. Most these days have both.

Well, they do in Queensland where I live so that is probably another good reason to live in the state that is "Beautiful one day, perfect the next" according to an Advertisement for Queensland.

Wearing nylon stockings anywhere it is hot can be uncomfortable unless you follow a few pretty simple methods.

1. Never try putting nylon stockings on immediately after getting out of a shower

2. Never rush to dress as you tend to perspire when hurrying and this makes legs damp.

3. Severely limit the use of a talcum powder because this will cause skin rashes in heat wave conditions.

4. Some women I know put their pantyhose stockings into a freezer bag and put it into the freezer just before they have a shower. I personally havent tried this method but they swear by it.

5. Always, always gently wash nylon stockings/pantyhose after each wear.

6. If you dont wash them by hand in a gentle detergent then always use a laundry bag. These can be cheaply bought from most supermarkets and they stop your hosiery from being mangled.

7. Always fold pantyhose stockings gently and store them in a separate clothe bag in your drawers or cupboard. Preferably with a sachet of lavender inside as this keeps everything smelling nice and is a vermin deterrent.

9. If your stockings have a snag or pulled thread, never cut it off or pull it. Instead use a gentle dab of clear fingernail polish or undercoat to seal it before it makes a hole or ladders your stockings

10. When you buy your nylon stockings or pantyhose always buy the right size for your figure. If you are lucky enough to have long legs then be sure to show them off effectively without hobbling yourself.