Teaching 1960s History with PowerPoint

Teaching 1960s History with PowerPoint

The 1960s era, well known for the anti-war movement, civil rights movement and the counter culture is arguably one of the most popular periods in U.S. history classes as well as in social studies class.

However, the development of effective lesson plans for teaching the 1960’s can be difficult for teachers, and the popularity of the subject matter should not lead to complacency in planning classes. Engaging comprehensive lesson plans are still helpful to get students into the subject.

To reach students in today’s classroom, many teachers have realized the need to include multimedia aspects into their lesson plans. But this can pose a problem to some teachers. Time can be a factor, as teachers might be on a deadline that is too tight for them to fully develop a comprehensive lesson plan. Other teachers might not have access to an image library in their schools or local towns.

Modern educational technology offers a solution for all of these difficulties with professionally made PowerPoints containing lesson plans for teaching the 1960s. Comprehensive information is presented in an easy to follow slide show format. These PowerPoints can be purchased easily and quickly and downloaded from the internet. They can also be bought on DVD and CD-ROM and delivered directly to teachers’ homes and schools. Furthermore, a combination of lesson plans with images and audio from the 1960s as well as classroom games and end-of-term review activities can be purchased together, giving teachers a complete "classroom in a box."

The result is currently causing a revolution in U.S. classrooms with today’s multimedia-savvy students finding classes with professionally made PowerPoints more stimulating and easier to follow. They can even request lesson plans and follow-up activities electronically from teachers after classes and study them together in a computer lab or on a classroom computer.

Professionally made PowerPoints are also extremely beneficial for teachers in that they save time. They can be used repeatedly and reduce the need to carry reams of paper and heavy books through the school corridors.

Crucially, in being linked to major state and national examinations, professionally made PowerPoints are useful for preparation for all important examinations and can improve students performance overall. This is not only beneficial to the students but also teachers as professional curriculums will be boosted with higher class scores.

Overall, professionally made PowerPoints are an interesting and effective teaching tool for both teachers and students in today’s multimedia U.S. history and social studies classrooms.

Written by Muireann Prendergast. MultiMedia Learning LLC provides U.S. history PowerPoints, Social Studies PowerPoints as well as 1960’s PowerPoints. Learn more at http://www.multimedialearning.org.