Talk to a Stranger in Live Chat

Talk to a Stranger in Live Chat

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a brand new service on the internet for you to meet new and possibly old friends. When you use Omegle, the system will randomly select a person for you to speak with. This of course, will be a stranger. The chats are also anonymous so no one knows who is talking to whom.

How does it work?

You go to the Omegle website atOmegle chat and there you will be asked if you want to chat with a stranger by pressing the start to chat button. Almost immediately, you will find yourself connected to a stranger. Now you can chat away with different people and disconnect anytime you dont want to chat with a particular stranger anymore. The system will pair two people randomly for one-on-one private chatting. The site uses the two handles, stranger and you to connect people. It is a very simple system and very easy to use, no matter what your level of Internet experience may be.

History and Usage

When this service was launched, it generated about 100 users. Now at last report, (as of the month of April) the amount of people online at any time was reaching more or less around 3000. The report also states that the site is getting around 150,000 hits a day. The system mandates that you use certain chat names, which are "you" and "stranger." The site has an oddly chipper slogan that says, "Talk to strangers." The site also uses such phrases as your conversational partner has disconnected at the end of every chat. These unique and unusual phrases seem to make the site more popular.

The concept of an anonymous chat is not the first chat that was created with Omegle. There have been comparisons made back to the early 1990s. It is said to have similarities to a web site called A Nice Chat, which was created before Omegle. There is the difference that in A Nice Chat the users were prompted to use a nickname that others would see. While in Omegle users are just known by "you" and "stranger" making it more clear that the conversation is anonymous.
At this time, there is no age limit or other limitations applied to anyone who wants to use the site. The site does not appear to block any profanity or spam bots with any filters. There are no charges, no fees, and no contact to use the site. There is also no registering and no need to create an account. The website is free to use.

Who uses Omegle?

All sorts of users use the site. Although it seems that, there are more teenagers but that is just a guess of the users that patronize the website. Some people have reported visitors from around the world and people of many different age ranges.
Omegle is a website that is used to communicate with anonymously and randomly picked people across the internet via a chat room. Leif K-Brooks of Vermont was the creator of this site. He launched the site in March of 2009. K-Brooks hope in creating this site was to provide an alternative way for people to connect in a non-threatening anonymous manner. He felt that too many people had become stagnant in the way they met people. K-Brooks thinks that people often seek out like-minded individuals who have the same goals and ideas. By mixing things up a little, people can meet other individuals who may have different ideas or different ways of looking at things. Variety can make a great difference in everyones life. Check out Omegle and see what you think.