Strawberry Tattoos – All About Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberry Tattoos – All About Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberry tattoos are some of the most sought after tattoo design for females because strawberry has a strong feminine connotation. It also represents fertility, temptation and passion. Wearers of this tattoo want to express their feelings and ideas of innocence and sweetness. By having them at the hip area, ankle, chest and back etc further enhance the sexual appeal of the female wearer.

Besides the above, strawberries also represented different things to different cultures through the ages. They have long been used in traditional and folk medicine, and hence is a symbol of good health. Its heart shape and bright red colour were also the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love for the ancient Romans. Some early stories tell of how two people would fall in love with each other if they share a double strawberry. While other stories mentioned that the two people only needed to share one strawberry.

Like many other tattoo designs, strawberry tattoos come in many different variations and styles. They include:

1. The traditional designs, where the features are simple and with little to no colour at all. They are done in the old school styles with a very retro feel to the look.

2. The modern designs, which are evolution of the traditional designs. Features and colours used are brighter, bolder and more striking.

3. The tribal designs, which are combinations of either traditional or modern designs together with design elements from tribal tattoo patterns. These patterns can either wrap around the strawberry or surround it.

4. The cartoonish or caricature designs, which are humorous and light-hearted interpretation of the strawberry tattoos. Some have facial features on the strawberry, while others have distorted shapes and sizes.

Strawberry tattoos are really attractive and outstanding tattoo options for women. The above are just some of the more popular designs available. A search through the internet will reveal many more designs combining elements from various patterns. No matter which designs or patterns you choose, you are sure to enhance your sexiness.

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