Star Trek Online Leveling Guide - Guide To Power Leveling In Sto
Star Trek Online Leveling Guide - Guide To Power Leveling In Sto

Star Trek Online Leveling Guide - Guide To Power Leveling In Sto

In Star Trek Online (STO), unlike most other MMORPGs wherein grinding and leveling is important, you dont have 50 levels to hit from scratch, but instead you have a total of 6 ranks within which to progress:

Ensign -> Lieutenant -> Lieutenant Commander -> Commander -> Captain -> Admiral

Skills in STO is initially dependent on the class of officer or position you choose.

For example, in the category of an Engineering Officer you could be a Combat Engineer, a Technician or a Fabrication Engineer.

There are other categories such as Science Office, Tactical Officer and Bridge Officer - and within each of these there are the different specialties such as Doctor, Soldier, etc.

Creating your first character in Star Trek Online requires some thought and can be an involved process. Typically you can choose from an array of ready-made races or you can even create an entirely new one.

We suggest creating your own custom race even if you want to play a pre-made one because it allows you to select four custom racial traits instead of just one.

Skill Based Progression

You will first start out as Ensign in the tutorial, and you would normally complete these levels in just a few hours. STO online is a skill based game, which means you will spend your time increasing the level of your skills by completing missions and completing episodes.

During this progression, you receive skill points for completing missions and episodes. You use the skill points to improve the skills that are available to you. For every rank, you have a set of skills that are available to you: they are fairly wide at the lower ranks and as you climb through the ranks, the skills become more specific, based on the skills you chose initially.

The major difference between STO and many other MMORPGs is that instead of experience points (XP), you are rewarded with skill points (SP). For example, when you complete Mission A, the reward might be a piece of gear and 300 SP.

Consider getting an STO Leveling Guide

As you have noticed, it is important to first give some thought as to what type of career path you wish to embark on and what skills you wish to accrue. The best way of doing this is to obtain a Star Trek Online Leveling Guide. One can easily see just how invaluable to you this will be in the initial start-up of the game - especially when you consider that you are competing with skilled players from all over the world!

Some of the features of guides like the ones mentioned will be:

How to Allocate Skill Points:

Skill point allocation is different than conventional character leveling - as we have stated before, in STO it is a skill-based progression system. Discover the best skill combination for your character and for all your science, engineering and tactical officers. Get expert recommendations in this Star Trek Online Leveling Guide to optimize your battle capabilities in both space and ground combats, and see just how investing your skill points in the least expected places can repay you with optimal battle performance.

Skill Tree Guide

Forget about trying to figure out which skills to upgrade to before yo can pilot the battleship you want, only to later discover that there was a unique skill that could have given you an extra edge in battle!

The comprehensive skill tree available in this Star Trek Online Leveling Guide presents you with the best way to allocate points into your skill tree. With the best skill combination to maximize performance, never again lose fights due to poorly allocated skill points.

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