Stand up Comedy Tips: Maximize Your Open Mic Performance

Stand up Comedy Tips: Maximize Your Open Mic Performance

Open mic nights are usually the major stepping stone for becoming a professional comedian.

In order to get the most out of your open mic performances, here are three stand-up comedy tips you can use now:

Stand-up Comedy Tip #1: You need to practice your stand-up comedy act extensively before you ever hit the comedy stage.

A simple guideline for practice is to devote at least 20 minutes of rehearsal time for every 5 minutes of comedy material you are performing.

Which directly ties into my last stand-up comedy tip...

Stand-up Comedy Tip #2: It is your delivery that will ultimately give you the most laughter power in front of an audience-not how "funny" the words or sentences in your act read from a piece of paper or word processor.

Unfortunately, most people get completely stuck trying to write jokes the old school way instead of using some of the easier and more effective topic based techniques for developing big laugh comedy material that depend on delivery and presentation as opposed to "writing" jokes on paper.

If you want to get the most out of your open mic performances, you should record every single show that you do for performance evaluation using an audio or video device.

Stand-up Comedy Tip #3: Before you even think about performing at an open mic, you really need to go see a paid stand-up comedy show featuring real comedy talent.

The reason for this is simple...

Open mic nights are NOT representative of the best comedy talent. Its easy to assume that you could do better than most people performing at an open mic because the overall talent level is low to very low.

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