Sore Feet From Running - Essential Tips To Avoid Foot Problems

Sore Feet From Running - Essential Tips To Avoid Foot Problems

Many Runners experience sore feet. Running a marathon or long distance running involves a considerable degree of dedication and preparation.

It also involves putting our bodies and in particular our feet under a considerable degree of pressure as they spend several hours pounding the pavements.

The potential for sore feet and injury is high, so we need to know how to take care and attention avoid these foot injuries.

* Examples of foot problems when running

- Ill fitting Trainers and Socks

These are the largest contributors to foot problems in marathon running, indeed running in general. They can cause considerable problems with the hips, knees and back..

To avoid this, do not wear new trainers on race day.

Instead choose a pair that you have been running in for about ten weeks. These do need to be worn in but as you will be increasing your mileage in the last two months when training, you do need them to remain supportive.

- Blisters and Nail Damage.

Some of the biggest foot problems for runners are blisters and nail damage.. If the nails are too long, or socks overly thin, or trainers are too tight, then the nails can start to thicken up.

The nature of long distance running is that there is lots of pressure on the big toe. Hence if the nails are too long then problems can ensue from this constant pressure.

- Numbing

Numbing is another example of the effects of long distance running. Again this can be caused by pressure on for example the big toe, but it can also be caused by ill-fitting footwear.

It really is essential to take the time to seek expert advice on appropriate running footwear.

* Some advice on pre race foot treatment.

- Deal immediately with pre existing foot conditions

First of all deal with any existing foot conditions. Get an expert to check your feet out if necessary.

If you have a fungal condition get it treated as it will only flare up on race day. The same applies if you have a number of calluses, or ingrown toenail type problems.

- Make Foot Hygiene a priority

Keep your feet clean and dry. If you know that your feet do get overly sweaty, then use talcum powder to dry them. Consider using running socks when you run.

Keep to a consistent foot care routine, if its working in training, its also likely to work on the day.

Don`t change your routine just for race day its a bad time to find out that a change hasn`t worked!

* Some advice on Post Race Recovery

You`ve finished - well done.! However, your feet may be throbbing and need care and attention. Consider also trying a saltwater bath to sooth and a massage to relax.

These are just a few of the many tips available on the treatment of sore feet . There is so much more to learn so do read on and learn how to really look after your feet properly.


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