Some of the basic Safety Features a Car

Some of the basic Safety Features a Car

The disorganized traffic in all towns and cities in India throw in a lot of challenges in driving. Hence, in India it is necessary that the drivers are extra careful while driving a car, lest they become entwined in a legal case. They could also end up being sufferers of reckless driving by other roads users.
Looking up at these possibilities, it is essential that the driver and passenger are fastened with seats belts. There is also the collapsible steering wheel, head restraints and emergency exit door that protects the passengers in case of any collision.

Collapsible Steering
The steering wheel is a compilation of a range of equipments; links and wheel which helps maneuver the car in the preferred route by the driver. The steering wheel is the only boundary among the cars energy and the driver who sets it in action. But the steering wheel can turn into a disaster in terms of event of a collision. The steering wheel can damage driver severely leading to death sometimes.
The car manufacturer developed the collapsible steering which absorbs the energy of the impact during frontal crashes. General Motors invented this concept first which was later adopted by Ford across all its muscle cars including Mustang. India, car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra started fitting various kinds of collapsible steering wheel.
The collapsible steering column consists of steering wheel, steering shaft, an inner tube and column. A plastic wrapped perforated section joins the steering column in cab to the car machinery. In case of any accident, when the drivers body comes in contact with the steering wheel, the plastic wrapped perforated section collapses. The impact of the collision is absorbed by the steering wheel rather than transferring it to the driver playing safe for the divers.

Head restraints
The head restraints or head support were first seen in Maruti cars in India. Head restraints is very important features for comfort of any one both in times of accident and non-accident. During an accident- there is high possibility of neck jerking forward or backward at high speed resulting in fatal in most circumstances. It could permanently damage neck and upper spinal chord. This is termed whiplash injury.
During any type of car accidents the most common damage is the neck injury. As known to every one, drivers body movement is matched with the motion of car. Whenever there is crash, the car seat speed up the forward movement of trunk. An unsupported neck will pause behind and this dissimilarity in motion leads to bend or stretch of neck, resulting in injuries. Higher the force of collision, results higher force of neck movement.
But when there is a head restraint it harmonizes with the seat motion supporting the neck.During non- accident times, head restraints provide support to neck on long drivers.

Seat belts
Seat belts play a very fundamental role in safety of a car passenger. Seat belts protect the occupant by holding them to seat in case of a collision.

However, if the vehicle was to suddenly stopped (due to collision), then the body of the occupant would still be in movement at the same speed and in the same path. The power of the accident united with the speed of the car would toss the occupants off their seats. However, if the person is fastened to a seat with belts, the occupant would remain on seat, thereby minimizing damages to body.

It is mandatory by law that occupants of front seats in car wear seat belts. Some luxury cars also provide rear seat belts.

Another key safety device is the airbag in car. But most car owners do not opt for this feature because of its high expense during installation. But reports prove that airbags safeguard car occupants from injuries in frontal collisions.