Smeg Fridge Freezers, go retro!

Smeg Fridge Freezers, go retro!

The Smeg fridge freezer range really does have the ideal appliance for everyone. Choose from built in integrated or freestanding, a standard style or exciting retro design and a great choice of colours including red, yellow and green!

One of the most popular styles of Smeg fridge freezers are the FAB range, an iconic 50s style range which looks stunning and makes a statement in any kitchen. There is an excellent choice of colours available choose from standard yet stunning cream, black or silver or choose something more striking and opt for vibrant red, pretty pink or bold orange.

All of the range of FAB Smeg fridge freezers are rated A+ for energy, A is the most efficient rating on the scale meaning that an A+ model is super efficient. Having appliances in the home which are rated A or above means that you are being kinder to the environment, in addition to this you will be saving money off your energy bills. Fridge freezers are working all day every day in your home so having an efficient model is the best option.

So which FAB Smeg fridge freezers are available and what have they got to offer? Depending on how much space you need in each of the sections will determine which model is right for you. The FAB30 range has a split type of 70/30 with a larger capacity fridge, this is ideal if you have more fresh foods and only need a smaller space for those frozen items. The FAB32 has a more equal size for each the fridge and freezer with a split of 60/40, again with the larger compartment being for the fridge. If you need more room for your frozen foods then this kind of split type could be more what you are looking for.

There are great practical every day storage solutions inside the Smeg fridge freezer range - including containers for fruit and veg, a storage box, chrome wine rack and adjustable glass shelves - giving you the freedom to change the inside of the appliance to suit you depending on the items you store.

There are other Smeg fridge freezers also available, not just the FAB range. The built in integrated CR328APZD is a great model, especially for those looking for a full size fridge freezer which wont be on show but hidden behind their existing kitchen cupboard doors. This model is A+ energy rated and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and also is a brilliant size for storing all your fresh and frozen items with loads of great storage features this Smeg fridge freezer is really practical.

Whichever Smeg fridge freezer model catches your eye, whether it is the stunning FAB 50s style range, or a standard freestanding or built in integrated model you will be thrilled with its performance and the wide choice of features on offer. Adding a splash of colour to a kitchen can really make a difference so explore the range and see if a new eye catching red or vivid blue Smeg fridge freezer will take care of all your cooling needs within the kitchen.