SIM Free Mobile Phones: What are They for, Are They Worth the Cost?

SIM Free Mobile Phones: What are They for, Are They Worth the Cost?

Before delving deep into the definition of a SIM free mobile phone, let us first take a look at a brief definition of a SIM or Subscriber Identity Module.

In laymans term, the SIM is that removable card in your mobile phone which is used to identify you as a mobile phone subscriber. It is usually only in the United States where the mobile phone is locked to its SIM card.

However, in the United Kingdom and in other countries, the mobile phone industry is highly subsidized. As such, a subscriber can easily use an unlocked mobile phone with an existing SIM card.

In addition, the SIM card that you have will typically store information such as a number of your SMS messages, as well as your phone book contacts.

What Exactly are SIM Free Mobile Phones?

In the UK, there are two types of mobile phone deals that you can take advantage of. Take a look at the difference between the two:

1. Mobile phone deals with monthly payments

Depending on the carrier that you have chosen, you may be given a limited or unlimited number of hours of mobile phone calls in exchange for a fixed payment per month.

2. Pay-as-you-go mobile phone deals

If you only make a few minutes of phone calls within one month, it is recommended that you get the pay-as-you-go mobile phone deals. Here, you will be purchasing credits like a particular number of minutes in calls, a certain number of text messages and the capability to use the other features of your mobile phone.

For these two mobile phone deals, there is already a SIM card which will be provided by your mobile phone carrier.

But what if you have a one-year contract with your mobile phone carrier, the contract still has a few months to go but you already want to purchase a new mobile phone unit?

This is where SIM free mobile phones come in.

How SIM Free Mobile Phone Deals Work

Basically, a SIM free mobile phone is also called an offline or unlocked mobile phone. When you purchase a SIM free mobile phone, you will be able to use your existing SIM card and insert it in the new mobile handset that you would like to use.

Here, you do not need to take on a new contract with a mobile carrier. In the aforementioned example, you can simply insert the SIM card that you have on the SIM free mobile phone in order to activate it so that you can make and receive phone calls or text messages.

When looking for a SIM free mobile phone, make sure that they are unlocked, dual-band or tri-band to ensure that the handset is compatible with the UK SIM card that you currently owe.

Are SIM Free Mobile Phones Worth the Cost?

Simply put, SIM free mobile phones are worth the cost if you still have a ways to go before your contract with your current carrier expires - and you want to try using a new mobile phone unit.

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