Shih Tzu - Behavior Modification
Shih Tzu - Behavior Modification

Shih Tzu - Behavior Modification

Do you have a shih tzu that paws at your arms or jumps up on your lap constantly? The cause might be that he needs lots more exercise, not necessarily direct attention, but just more exercise. Try taking your shih tzu for a vigorous walk.

For some, 10 to 15 minutes a couple times a day or one long romp around the yard is adequate, for others, it might be less than this.Make sure your shih tzu is not trying to tell you something else. Remember he is totally dependent on you so be sure his basic needs are met such as, is he hungry or does he need to relieve himself.

If you put in 1/2 hour or so of taking care of your shih tzus needs before focusing upon work at your desk or sitting down to read a good book, he should be less likely to disturb you in the middle of your work or reading your book.When you sit down to relax or work, teach the shih tzu to lie down somewhere near you.

A lot of shih tzu will just do this naturally unless there is some other need they are asking to be attended to at this time. Often, if you will take the time to settle them in first, they will lie quietly next to you while you work or read or relax. Remember, shih tzu want nothing more than to be close to their people.

If you know you have a hectic day coming up and you wont have time to do the normal routine with your shih tzu, you might try a pet sitting service for him that particular day.

Another option for handling a very active shih tzu is to give him a playmate to romp and wrestle with to help expend some of his extra energy.Most shih tzu puppies who seem to be in constant motion and into everything are not actually behavior problems. They are just acting like normal, healthy puppies.

As they grow and mature out of their puppy days, they usually begin to become less active, and in old age, many shih tzu I have known, really just take it easy all day. Try to enjoy the playful antics of your active puppy and remember they will never be this size again. Medication is not the answer.

They are not showing hyperactivity. They just need some limits set and to be taught to do the right thing at the right time. Shih tzu are extremely intelligent and usually are very quick learners, but they can have a mind of their own it seems and a streak of stubborness, so be firm, but not harsh. Be the leader from the beginning.

If you have an older shih tzu showing extreme irrational or very active behaviors, then you might consider asking the vet for a thorough examination - could be hypothyroidism.When you first bring a new shih tzu puppy home, it is a good idea to provide a special space for your shih tzu barricaded by baby gates or some other type of petitioned off area where he will have a comfortable bed, a few chew toys, nylabones, squeeky toys, food and preferably a glass water bottle.

Do not give a new shih tzu puppy full run of your home in the beginning. He needs to learn the places he is allowed to be and the places he is not allowed to be or else he will be all over the place and decide these things for himself. You need to take control of the situation from the beginning by providing him a small area all his own and then slowly introducing him to other areas where he can be.

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