Secret Tactic to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

Secret Tactic to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back

So your relationship has made a turn for the worse and youre not even sure what really happened. Women dont always tell you exactly what theyre thinking in a relationship, but they do expect you to "just know". Even if you do know what went wrong, how can you make it up to her if she wont even give you a chance? Heres a secret tactic that will make your ex girlfriend want you back and give you a second chance.

This secret is all about flipping the situation on its head and shocking your ex girlfriend into confusion. What do I mean?

See, your ex girlfriend could pretty well predict what was going to happen once she broke up with you. If she couldnt predict it, or in other words, she wasnt SURE what was going to happen when she broke up with you, that would severely prevent her from doing so. Its human nature to want to be certain of an outcome when we do a particular action.

In this case, your ex girlfriend expected you to not treat this break up too lightly. What is great about this is, once you know that, you can use it to your advantage by NOT doing what she expects.

Whats something she definitely wont expect? For you to "reject her" instead. Breaking up is really about being rejected and getting your ego bruised. She knows that shes "safe" from the rejection because she is rejecting you. But fortunately for you, you now know that it is not true.

Now in rejecting her, I dont mean you go over there and say instead that youre dumping her instead of the other way around. Youre going to do this in a sly way, because doing it this way is another contrast to what she EXPECTS from you.

Because emotions can be so high after a break up, usually the one getting dumped ends up acting desperate in the hope to get their ex back. Its in a way, overcompensating for what went wrong during the relationship. Youre not going to do that. Instead, youre going to act cool and reject her through your actions, rather than what youre going to "say" to her.

Implementing no contact, refusing to be friends and just flat out acting indifferent are examples of how you can reject her. Now, shell be hurt by this, and from this hurt, she might start doing things like taking down pictures of you together, flirting openly with other guys or acting extremely cold.

Be PREPARED for this! Shes testing you to see if youll crack. Dont fall for it because these are signs shes about to "crack" herself.

Keep consistent and use this time to refocus on other areas of your life. Keep busy and have fun with other people. Shell be in the back of your head and some days will be harder than others, but eventually it DOES get easier.

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