Secret Deodorant
Secret Deodorant

Secret Deodorant

"Strong enough for a man. But made for a woman." That was it. That was the entire advertising slogan for Secret deodorant, and the successful passing of the decades has shown that it is indeed a deodorant product that consumers would place their trust in.

Even now, years after it came out on to the market, Secret deodorant is still a leader in the industry. Why? What puts Secret deodorant a cut above the rest? What makes people, women and girls rather, want to buy it? Does it work better than other leading and non-leading brands of womens deodorant? Does it have a magical ingredient in it that makes it one of the best deodorants in town?

The answers to the last two questions would have to be "no". No, it doesnt necessarily work any better or worse than any of the other leading brands of deodorant, and no, there is no magical ingredient inside it which will suddenly make everything right in your world.

The truth behind the success lies entirely in the answer to the first couple of questions. Why do women still buy Secret deodorant after all these years, and why do they want to buy it, after all these years?

The answer lies in the words behind the advertising slogan for Secret deodorant. "Strong enough for a man. But made for a woman." In this day and age of girl-power and woman-power, these ten little words become sort of an identity for females of all ages to hold on to. It is more or less, a reaffirmation of their femininity and their ability to do anything that a man can.

And you get all of that with a small stick of Secret deodorant? Now can you see where the strengths of Secret deodorant lies? For a negligible sum of money you can reaffirm that you are all woman, and that you are all-capable.

For young girls just entering their adolescent years, or only just blossoming into mature young women, this is a great way for them to feel that they are indeed women, and not the young girls their parents and their peers believe them to be. But do they think along these lines when they are buying Secret deodorant in the supermarket?

No. Clever advertising has made it such that women dont even realize why they are buying Secret deodorant, they just know that they can identify with the insecure people whose lives perk up considerably after using Secret deodorant.

Secret deodorant has saved the day yet again, and not only can you hold your arms up proudly without stains, you can also walk with your head held high, knowing that you use Secret deodorant, which is "Strong enough for a man. But made for a woman."

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