running workouts to get faster
running workouts to get faster

running workouts to get faster

Running workouts to get faster arent limited to the professional athletes you see on television. Everyday runners that just like to head out to a 5K can increase their speed and make it to the finish line faster. If you want to shave some time off your 5K, 10K, or even marathon time, here are some running workouts to get faster than you thought possible.

Find out where youre startingBefore you can begin these running workouts to get faster, you will want to find a distance that you can measure in terms of time it takes to finish it. For many, this is a 5K distance or 3.2 miles.

Measure how long it takes you to finish that length without any training and then re-run that distance every month to see if your running times are getting faster. If your workouts are working, you should see some improvement each month.Faster doesnt mean longerThe reason why many people dont attempt running workouts to get faster is that they think they need to be longer in order to work. But this isnt the case.

About twice a week, all you need to do is add bursts of faster running to your normal workouts, actually decreasing the time you spend running instead of increasing it. The point is merely to introduce more speed into your workouts so that your body becomes used to it. But if you add too much to the workouts, you can injure yourself and reduce your running times.

A perfect balanceThe best running workouts to get faster are done only a few times a week with rest periods in between. This allows your muscles to rest and to recuperate in order to rebuild the muscles that are broken down by hard training.

Having these rest periods will also help you keep your mind fresh for each run instead of dreading another speed workout. If youre new to speed workouts, you may want to start with only one of these each week until you become used to the routine.

Running workouts to get faster need to become a part of your training regime when you plan to win your age group in the next race. And the faster you go in your training, the faster you will reach your goals.