Resolving hard disk controller failure
Resolving hard disk controller failure

Resolving hard disk controller failure

A laptop hard drive is a non-volatile storage media that stores your precious data in binary form. Physical corruption in Laptop hard drive primarily occurs due to accidental dropdown, electrostatic shocks, head crash, natural disasters, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) failure and more. In case of laptop hard drive damage, the data stored in the hard drive becomes inaccessible. There is another chances to do not indulged in the situation is take regular back up or completely restore the data, you need to use an updated data backup. However, if no recent backup is available or the backup falls short of restoring the required data, then you will need to take help of efficient Laptop Data Recovery services.

As a practical scenario, you might encounter the below error message when you attempt to reinstall a new operating system on your laptop:

"Hard Disk Controller Failure"

The system becomes unbootable after the above error message appears. In addition, the data stored in the laptop hard drive becomes inaccessible.


The hard drive is not getting detected because of the below reasons:

• Physical corruption of the hard drive
• Hard drive not connected properly
• Change in the boot sequence of BIOS (Basic Input Output System)
• Damage to the controller card


To resolve the above issue and access the data, you will need to take these actions:

• Make sure that the laptop hard drive power connector and signal cable are connected properly.
• Check the boot sequence in BIOS setup
• Confirm that the laptop hard drive jumpers are set properly to Master or Slave.
• Swap the controller card, cable and hard drive, one at a time.

However, if you again receive the above error message, it means that your laptop hard disk has been physically damaged. For complete recovery and restoration of your lost data from the physically damaged hard drive, you will need to take help of advanced Laptop Data Recovery service.

These services are provided by data recovery companies, which firstly scrutinize the hard drive for the cause of failure and amount of data that can be recovered. Laptop Hard Drive Recovery services are carried out by highly experienced data recovery professionals. Data from the physically damaged hard drive is analyzed and recovered under the sterile lab environment of Clean Rooms.

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