Relationship Advice-On Keeping A Woman Happy Forever
Relationship Advice-On Keeping A Woman Happy Forever

Relationship Advice-On Keeping A Woman Happy Forever

Sometimes the difference between just having any woman and keeping the woman you want is the ability to keep women happy. The majority of women are looking for a few basic qualities. If you do already have the woman you want you will want tips on keeping her happy. This applies whether it is a wife or girlfriend. So here is some relationship advice for men.

Always be yourself is the golden rule. If you are some made up character you will not be able to maintain it throughout the life of your marriage or relationship. So start out by being yourself. It is easy to understand that most men dont feel they are good enough for the lady they want, or they arent sexy enough. This leads them to put on an act.

Confidence is king. Why do you think some of the least attractive men have some good looking women by their side? It is because the woman has sensed a level of confidence in them that she likes. Over and over, women pick confidence as one of the sexiest things in a man. Sometimes it is hard for shy guys to display confidence but you need to know at least what turns women on, so you can practice.

Little offerings mean a lot. Women are not as impressed with grand gifts and dates as they are with everyday little things that come from you. Bring flowers home on occasion from the grocery store, offer to take her car to be repaired, give little gifts outside of holidays, which need not be expensive. The little gestures add up to one big long relationship usually.

Whatever you do, dont take your woman for granted. You want her to know that you value and appreciate her in every way.

Here is a big tip for when you are out with her. Dont obviously look at other women. Right away when you do that your lady will be thinking about what in the other lady you like more than in her. It becomes a comparison battle. Most women have a monogamous drive to be loyal to one man. If you seem to be searching for other women when you are with yours, this goes against her very nature.

Laughter is the next big aphrodisiac. Women tend to list a sense of humor in the top three things they want in a man. Dont be afraid to be yourself and act crazy once in awhile to make her laugh. Take every opportunity to bring laughter to your relationship.

Seek common interests. It is nice to have your hobby and she hers, but the best relationships are when you each can take some interest in the others hobbies, or interests. So jump right in and try your best to get interested in her hobbies or likes, no matter what they are.

Keep up on the latest fashion trends and your grooming. Yes it is easy to let yourself go once you landed the woman you wanted, but that is not a good attitude if you want to keep her. All you really need to do is make an effort to stay as nice looking as you can.

Women want to know that the man they have can fit into their social lives. This means getting along with her parents and her friends if at all possible. Your woman will want you to be apart of her larger life because this helps her validate that you are a good choice for her.

You should always be considerate of her feelings. Women are less stable than guys. Some of this is naturally hormonal. Being sensitive to her mood swings will keep you on her good side. Dont constantly fight her bad side and make things miserable for both of you on those days. Maybe you can do things to make her laugh on those days.

Be open to trying new things. Once things in your relationship become routine some boredom may creep in. If your relationship has fallen into a rut you need to try something new to get out. This is how healthy relationships work, so get out there and try something new!

There you have 11 relationship advice tips that you can put in practice. Many of them are just common sense. I nearly lost the girlfriend I have now by ignoring some of the items on this list. But I truly did learn a lot from a publication I read called The Magic of Making Up. I am stubborn and dont normally listen to much advice from others, but the stuff in this publication made sense and it worked incredibly well. It even helped build up my confidence enough that I now have better relationships with family members and co-workers too. You may want to check it out for yourself.

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