Recovering the SQL Database from SuspectOffline Mode

Recovering the SQL Database from SuspectOffline Mode

The SQL server database can go in the SuspectOffline mode in many situations. The incorrect database status may make you worry. In this situation, none of the SQL query run as expected, like if you opt to have Select query, this will give you "Torn page error" in few of the cases.

This mostly happens when your database is laying in corrupt state, demanding to SQL repair, which can be the result of unexpected shutdown, virus attack, missing of log file and similar other reasons. To tackle the situation, you can try out this:

• Attempt to run sp_resetstatus. For this, start SQL in single user mode and run the command. If this does not affect the present situation, start it in multi-user mode and drop the transaction logs and again start in single mode.
• Try to export the data of the database using tools like BCP. But beware as this could be the risky task to handle which require manual work
• The final attempt can be made to check for the corruption. Actually, if the database is actually corrupt, then changing its status can be the welcome to more issues. You can run the database checks through DBCC CHECKDB for integrity check, DBCC CHECKCATALOG for catalog integrity and DBCC CHECKTABLE for the single table. If the results are stuffed with errors, then switch to have MDF repair as a whole.

In case if database has the mere corruption issues, the index recreation or moving the recoverable data to the new one may help. But the high chances are there that the database may still remain in the current state. Thus this is recommended to make use of the third party applications which sound to be the better cure to SQL recovery.

Specifically called SQL repair software, these remedies have the powerful option to run the effectual algorithms to scan the database and give the results of MDF recovery. Equipped with the interactive user interface, these SQL repair applications are well suitable for all the database corruption issues.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software repairs and restores the corrupted database with the use of effective algorithms. This MDF repair software is effective for all the database corruption issues and offers the most interactive user interface to work through.

The software works for SQL Server 2000. After SQL recovery, this makes the script files from which the restoration can be done. The read-only and non-destructive nature of this MDF recovery application ensures the safe run.