Reconstruct your Old T-shirts

Reconstruct your Old T-shirts

Different Ways on How to Redesign Womens Overused T-shirts

Making the most out of your clothes, especially those T-shirts that you cannot seem to let go of, is a good hobby that saves money too. With a little bit of creativity and just a few purchases, your overused shirts can look like brand new items again.

Of course, your shirts still have to be wearable for this type of project; and also, before you start redesigning your shirts, a few items such as beads, glue gun, bias strips, dye, and scissors have to be present.

1. Backless: If you need an outfit for the beach or for any sunny day, cutting off a U-shape from the back collar to the lower back area of the t-shirt instantly gives you one. Also, cut off the sleeves to make the shirt proportioned to the style you are doing. Then, with bias strips, you can ad detail to the backless part by sewing on 2 or 3 strips.

2. Sleeveless: Cutting off the sleeves and shaping them accordingly is not enough. To make the item more interesting, putting strips on the shoulder area can make the shirt look more feminine.

3. Beaded: This style will look good on a plain shirt. First, you can dye the shirt in dark colors like black or navy blue. Picking on a logo-like design such as a heart or flower can look well for a kids shirt; if you are in doubt with what design fits, checking samples of fashion models through poster prints online can give add on your creative inputs. Also, outlining the collar area with multi-colored beads can be a nice detail, just make sure the beads are not too heavy so the collar will not sag.

There are lots of other ways to reconstruct your t-shirt and this can be a good practice for you, giving presents to your friends with new t-shirts personally designed will be something appreciated. You can pick new concepts and ideas for your t-shirt designing through poster prints online so you can have a wide variety of choices.