Pregnancy Massage Therapy - Using Acupressure to Induce Labor
Pregnancy Massage Therapy - Using Acupressure to Induce Labor

Pregnancy Massage Therapy - Using Acupressure to Induce Labor

Childbirth... often a source of anxiety and stress for women coming up on their due date. But what if there were a way to relieve labor pain, increase dilation, and create a faster and safer birthing process? Learning how to do maternity acupressure to induce labor has all of the above benefits, as well as also being proven to decrease chances of medical intervention or C-section. Heres how you and your partner can use pregnancy massage therapy to ensure a much better experience in the delivery room.

Maternity acupressure techniques date back to ancient times, when reflexology for pregnancy consisted of Chinese methods. There were certain massage techniques marked as forbidden during pregnancy, because these pressure points proved to induce labor. Later on, people realized these acupressure pregnancy points could be used during the initial stages of childbirth for exactly that purpose - to help bring about labor naturally, safely, and easily. They also quickly learned that acupressure during labor could ease the painful symptoms associated with childbirth, relax the mother by reducing stress levels, and even help ease the baby downward by helping it descend into the birth canal.

Pregnant massage offers many benefits to women who are suffering from the back aches and pains associated with having to carry a child for nine months. But pregnancy reflexology goes one step further, using specific pressure points within the body to trigger certain releases that are associated with the very beginning stages of childbirth. Using acupressure to induce labor allows you to begin the process of labor from within the comfort of your home, triggering dilation of the cervix and starting the mild contractions that will lead up to having the baby. Because you begin this process early, you get to fully and safely control the initial stages of childbirth. By the time you get to the hospital, your actual time in labor will be enormously reduced - this is because the reflexology and pregnancy has already advanced your body through the beginning of the birthing process.

Continued massage during labor has even more benefits. In learning how to do maternity acupressure, you are taught the pressure points that relieve pain associated with giving birth. You also learn the pregnancy massage therapy techniques needed to reduce and eliminate stress, relaxing mom and promoting dilation of the cervix. There are pregnancy reflexology pressure points that will help blood flow, and increase oxygen levels for both mother and baby during the delivery process. The combination of these acupressure pregnancy techniques result in a shorter, safer birth for your baby, offering greatly decreased chances for a cesarean section, episomity, or other type of unwanted medical procedures outside of an easy, natural birth.

Maternity acupressure techniques can be learned by anyone, regardless of experience. The reflexology points are easily accessible and they only need a gentle pressure with the thumb in order to activate them. Your partner can learn them quickly and easily, and you can begin enjoying the pain-relieving benefits of this type of massage during pregnancy right away. And acupressure during labor isnt the only way to enjoy the benefits of these reflexology methods. The massage during labor techniques you learn can also be used post-delivery, to help mom relax and enjoy reduced stress during the months and years afterward, while enjoying your baby.

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