Persuasive Techniques Which Will Make Your Ex Regret the Break Up and Come Back to You Freely!
Persuasive Techniques Which Will Make Your Ex Regret the Break Up and Come Back to You Freely!

Persuasive Techniques Which Will Make Your Ex Regret the Break Up and Come Back to You Freely!

The one thing you cannot do is you cannot force your ex to take you back. So what really works to help you pull your ex back then, when you cannot force them? You see, once you understand that no amount of begging, pleading, arguing etc... will get your ex back all you really have to do is simply learn the art of persuasion effectively.

But what will that do for you? Read on to find out how you can use persuasion to pull your ex back....Regret works wondersIf you really want someone to take action fast, and get off their butt and do something, all you have to do is make them live with regret. The instant someone feels this powerful emotion they instantly start living life in a completely new perspective, where they constantly look back and wish they had "done things differently". Likewise, regret can quickly and easily make your ex feel as if they made a big mistake breaking up with you.

Even if your ex had not broken up with you, they will simply feel bad about being away from you, and will blame themselves for everything that has happened. Now, to make your ex feel regret, all you have to do is simply prove to them that you are of high value, and show them that they wont find any better.Proving yourself and your VALUEThe first step to doing this, is to be seen with someone else constantly.

The instant you have a social group around you, paying attention to you, your ex will instantly recognize that you are in high demand and will want you back. Surround yourself with as many people as possible and when available, surround yourself with those of then opposite gender.This will instill jealousy, envy, and regret into your exs mind, and your ex wont be able to help but feel a loss now that they see you are having a great time. A big fear will strike your ex, where he/she will feel as if they are losing you, and the lack of attention from your end will make your ex miss having you around. This will drive your ex to try and reconcile things with you, and you will notice your ex looking at you and treating you in a totally different manner.

Once you prove you are high value, your ex will instantly be treating you like gold, just to get you back. Regret weighs heavy on the heart, and your ex will never want to risk having to deal with the regret of losing you, so he/she will immediately react to try and be with you again, one step at a time.

Verbally Persuasive techniquesOf course these are just physical things you can do to make your ex FEEL regret, without actually saying a word, but there are a few things you can actually SAY to your ex which will verbally persuade your ex to take you back. When combined with action, verbal confirmation will also be stamped into your exs mind more, and will rest in your exs subconscious mind that he/she should want to take you back.

One of these is to positively confirm to your ex that you have moved on, and that the breakup was the best thing that has ever happened to you. This will make your ex drop his/her jaw, and at the same time it will really hit your ex hard.The will think "What, you are over me? Do I really not matter?". This thought will turn into a feeling of loneliness, and your ex will also feel the need to be accepted by you again.

The pain of learning that you no longer concentrate on them anymore will leave your ex destitute, and will effectively persuade your ex to come back to you in the end.Pay Close Attention Here-Now listen carefully!

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