How to Get a Woman Addicted to You - Here Are the Ultra Rare Strategies You Cant Miss
How to Get a Woman Addicted to You - Here Are the Ultra Rare Strategies You Cant Miss

How to Get a Woman Addicted to You - Here Are the Ultra Rare Strategies You Cant Miss

Once you have managed to get into a relationship with a woman, you could be thinking that it would simply be wonderful if you could get her addicted to you. Well, it is not too difficult if you know the right buttons that need to be pressed at the right time. Here are 3 keys that can get a woman addicted to you forever.

No.1 - Make her completely dependent on you. If you manage to convince her that she is totally dependent on you for everything, then she will realize that she is happily addicted to you. But to achieve this, you might have to fulfill her needs and wants and that could be a bit difficult since you just might end up getting addicted to her. Anyway, if you are happy then that should not be any problem.

No.2 - Do not let the romance fizzle out. Take her on moonlight walks on the beach, whisk her off to a romantic getaway, give her gifts when she does not expect it and basically be the hero that she might be dreaming of after reading any romantic novel. She is sure to swoon at these romantic gestures and will remain completely addicted to you even as time passes by.

No.3 - Be there for her on the journey called life. You need to be there when your woman needs you. Do not just be a doormat but instead be there when she is facing any trouble in her life. If you truly like her then there should not be any problem since she too will respond in the same way to keep you happy. You should also continuously evolve with new ideas to keep her satisfied since once she realizes the effort that you have put in to keep her happy, she will surely get hooked to you.

Follow these 3 keys and you will happily be at the receiving end of one satisfied and addicted woman in your life.

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