Paint Protection For Your Car - Guaranteed!

Paint Protection For Your Car - Guaranteed!

Whats the best, guaranteed way to stop scratches and stone chips on my cars paint?

You wont be wondering after youve read this.
Well compare three different ways to protect your vehicles paint... so you can decide on the best paint protection yourself.

1. Car Bras
2. Sealants/Waxes
3. Paint Protection Film

As a kid sitting in nans back seat on top of a horrid slightly musty and multi-colored blanket you might have wondered like many of us Whats the point of protecting this seat with an ugly blanket? It looks worse than an unprotected seat!
So rule number one:
If the protector makes the car look uglier than what youre trying to protect against, FORGET IT!
That pretty much rules out option 1. Car Bras, but Ill include them in the comparison below just for good measure

The method of application is an important factor in choice as well - not just because you want something easy, but because the way its applied has so much to do with how its going to last, and if it works at all!
So if a car bra is easy to put on, its just as easy to take off - thieves and vandals know it better than us.
And as for durability, if like sealants and waxes, its rubbed on... guess what? It will rub off!

Paint Protection Film carries all the advantages
You dont have to rub it on. In fact, well put it on for you. Some DIY enthusiasts put it on themselves, and we have instructional videos that help. But since the installed price is so reasonable most people get it installed. Motorcyclists often apply their own as the pieces are small, and we have quite of motorbike makes to choose from.

Paint Protection Film also comes with a lifetime warranty against yellowing, bubbling or cracking when installed by one of our professionally qualified installers across the country. It is UV stable yet allows the UV to pass through so there is no uneven fading of the paint. Try selling your car after a daggy Car Bra has left half the front of it faded!

And it doesnt leave any part of your car untouched - all the drive areas (bonnet/headlights/lamps/bumper/rear view mirrors) are protected, as well as high use areas like skirting, step plates, handles and key zones! Even boot lips arent left out. Panels are best protected from a different type of scratch than the stone chip type and thats a bump so our bump strips come into their own when protecting against trolleys, car doors, and bikes. On top of the protection, youll love what they do for your cars appearance! Check out the black VE commodore example on the Auto-Grafix™ website, or in their photo gallery.

Paint Protection Comparison
COST: -- Car Bras: $400+ -- Sealants: $725 -- Film: $350

Paint Protection Truly Tested
This paint protection test shows clearly why the Auto-Grafix™ paint protection film is guaranteed! Its not some fancy scientific study about so called space-age polymers (although the polyurethane used in Paint Protection Film is actually used by the military on their helicopter blades!) - we decided to test the stuff like a man, and took it to an rural town sand blasting outfit! (Geraldton, WA)

Youre worried about stone chips? How about thousands of pieces of glass-like sand cutting into your duco every second? Theres nothing more telling than the look of the sand blasting we did on the half of the bonnet without Paint Protection Film, and the half with it! See the link above for the full story, youll love it.

There are also testimonials on the site so be sure to check them out.

No, you dont have to rub on something that will rub off! Paint Protection Film is the guaranteed paint protection youll love!
Dave Craggs stands by his vehicle like a lion over its cub! He knows what works, and he knows how it works, so he knows how to apply it. His paint protection network means a qualified professional installer is just an email or phone call away, nation-wide, and the range of stone chips and scratch protection films custom made for you car model is astounding.