Nylon Stocking Story - Know Interesting Facts

Nylon Stocking Story - Know Interesting Facts

Silk at one point of time was an all-favorite item and its use expanded from dress to stockings but the virtual monopoly of silk came to an end on the arrival of nylon stocking. Nylon stocking proved out to be better than silk stocking as it dried easily after it was washed and was more durable.

The Nylon stocking came in the picture in the early 1940s and since then there has been no looking back. The origin of nylon and its journey as stocking is very intriguing and it will surely leave you riveting.

The nylon stocking story

Julian Hill, researcher at DuPont Company along with his team was looking for a silk alternative. They were studying chains of molecules called polymers a researcher for the DuPont Company who, along with others in the lab, was studying chains of molecules called polymers. Hill made the discovery that when a heated rod was pulled from a jar containing a mixture of carbon and alcohol-based molecules, the substance inside stretched. When pulled at room temperature it became silky in appearance.

Wallace Carothers, Hills boss was not excited with the new discovery, as the actual use of the product was not clear. In 1935, researchers labor turned off result and they made the first genuine nylon, then known as "polymer 6,6." In 1937, DuPont got the patent for the first artificially made fiber.

Believe it or not Wallace Carothers is credited with discovering first truly synthetic, artificially made fiber, nylon instead of Julian Hill. Wallace was an outstanding chemist but he became the victim of chronic depression and committed suicide. DuPont labeled him as the inventor of the nylon, sensation achievement to honor his contribution to DuPont.

Why the product was named Nylon?

The Julian Hills discovery started to create ripples in the market. It was called nylon because it was first exposed to the public at the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. The first two alphabets- ny in the word Nylon stands for New York.

Nylon stocking, an instant hit

Nylon stockings didnt have to wait much after the discovery of nylon. The nylon stockings tasted a grand success. The department stores of America witnessed stampedes, as women could not resist from buying nylon stocking as it would not bunch or sag unlike others. The demand outstripped supply and a massive 64 million pairs of nylon stockings sale was registered in the first year.

The luxury of nylon stockings to women didnt last for long. In 1942, the use of nylon was diverted in making of powder bags for large artillery, tent fiber and parachutes.

Nylon stockings became a popular gift among American GIs trying to impress British women. After the end of war, the production of nylon stockings started up again and they were again visible in stores. Nylon stockings faced a tough competition from pantyhose.

The machine replaced the manual work and it not only increased the production but also reduced the cost of production and the benefit of low cost was enjoyed by customers.

Nylon stockings have come as welcome relief for women who can choose from nylon stocking that are until the ankle, above and below the knee. Women can get respite from pain in the varicose veins as added padding does for the interior of the shoe.

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