No Energy, Always Tired
No Energy, Always Tired

No Energy, Always Tired

If you feel like you have no energy and youre always tired, you are not alone. In fact this condition has almost reached epidemic proportions in our times. Feeling tired all the time can ruin your life. In some cases it can even end your life.href="">No energy, always tired

If you feel like you have no energy and youre always tired, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your doctor. There are conditions that should be ruled out. These include anemia, lyme disease, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and many more. Chances are you dont have a serious health condition, but your doctor will order some simple tests to rule out these possibilities.

Once you have ruled these out, you can look at your lifestyle to see if certain habits are causing you to have no energy and to always be tired.
Chronic fatigue can come from your habits. Do you have a reasonable amount of exercise each day? Are you eating healthy foods? Simple routines can be causing you to feel tired all the time. BUT, if your lifestyle looks good, there is one reason for feeling drained, that you may not be aware of. Sleep cycles.

Understanding sleep cycles can be complicated, but I will only discuss the basics in this article. You have many sleep cycles during a typical nights sleep. If you are disturbed or awaken before a cycle is complete, you can feel like you have no energy. It can make you feel like you are always tired and drained. It doesnt matter how many hours of sleep you have, if you interupt a cycle, you can feel terrible.

The good news is that when you correct this problem, you can feel great. You are able to enjoy your life more, and perform better at work and at play.Some people compare it to being reborn, or feeling younger.

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