My Breast Growth Story
My Breast Growth Story

My Breast Growth Story

Many women want to bigger and firmer breasts. Well-shaped breasts are a symbol of femininity. Some lucky women are born with well-endowed breasts. Im not one of them. At 16, when my breasts were supposed to be almost fully grown, I could hardly fill an A-cup sized bra. What made me feel worse was that I was always a bit on the skinny side. I had to carefully choose my clothes. But no matter what I wore, I was constantly conscious about my small breasts.

All this made me a very shy girl. I didnt enjoy social gatherings and dont even get me started about going to the beach. Boyfriends? Well, put it this way, boys would mistake me for the wallpaper. My sister is much prettier and more sociable so shes the one with the boyfriends while I was the one with the books for company on weekends.

My mother would tell me my boobs would grow in time, that I was a late starter and so forth. But by the time I became an adult, my chest still looked like a pancake to me. So I determined in myself that my life was not going to carry on this way. I was going to do something about my breasts. I would find some way to grow them, even though I was already an adult and my growing years were behind me.

So I began my quest to increase the size of my boobs. But there were some things I did not want to do for various reasons. I did not want to have any surgery because I did not feel it would be safe and didnt want to have to deal with keloids, scars, bruises or any of those things that accompany breast lifts and breast implant surgery. I also did not want to have to wear padded bras or any other sort of device for a few hours a day because these are not really ways to grow my breasts. I wanted to genuinely grow my breasts but in a completely natural way.

I read up everything I could get my hands on about breast growth. And believe me, there is a lot written about it. It was a good thing that I am a bookworm (remember the books on weekends?). Well, after a ton of research, Ive discovered that it IS possible to grow your breasts naturally even after you have attained adulthood. And more importantly, Ive discovered the keys to making it happen.

Making your breasts grow naturally depends on a few factors:

Your genes
Your age
Your diet and nutrition
Your mental attitude
Your habits

You cant do anything to change the first two factors, but you can do a lot about the rest. Your genes are what determines your breast size and to what extent they can grow, while age becomes a factor if you have passed middle age, at which time it would be very unlikely your breasts would grow any more.

All these factors are to work together in synergy and in the correct proportions to promote breast growth. One of the best breast growth programs that encompass all the above factors is Nancy Newtons "How I Made My Breasts Grow Bigger Naturally". The moment I found out about Nancys program, I immediately bought her e-book.

After following her program for the last 5 months, I have joined the hundreds of other women in giving my full endorsement of her techniques. My breasts have grown by more than one cup size in the last few months. For once in my life, I am not ashamed when I look at myself in the mirror. Now I no longer feel unfeminine. I have a new-found sense of self-esteem and confidence. All this is thanks to Nancy Newtons "How I Made My Breasts Grow Bigger Naturally."