Most visited sport websites by teens
Most visited sport websites by teens

Most visited sport websites by teens

Teens are synonymous with energy. So to spot the most visited websites by teens is quite easy. Sports provide teens an opportunity to expend some of the energy and also to learn the value of fair play, to achieve goals and also to have fun. Before looking in to the most visited sport websites by teens, it is important to know the most popular sports for teen boys. They are the American football, baseball, basket ball, track and field, and soccer ball. For teen girls the most popular sports are volley ball, basket ball, soft ball and soccer.

The most visited sports websites by teens have provided an array of more interactive and appealing content than ever before. It has proved an extraordinary success online.
The most visited sports websites by teens has become a success in the online media during the world cup and other tournaments. It holds a significant advantage for the teens over other traditional media when it comes to sheer levels of demand and supply.

A quarter of United Kingdoms online teen populations, a six million of them have visited sports websites during the World Cup in 2006. BBC Sport website proved to be the most visited sports website by teens. It has recorded more than 1.3 million football fans who have visited this site in the first week of the tournament.

The most visited sports websites by teens fulfills the teen wants as the online format is able to provide all the details in a single sitting at any time, instead of waiting for specific broadcast times or newspapers which would provide the information that the teens are looking for. This has been proved by the BBC Sports website and it was the most popular sports websites during the world cup. The BBC Sports website had nearly 3.4 million unique users which is three times more than the other sports websites.

Sky Sports and MSN Sports proved to be the most visited sports websites by teens especially with women. Nearly 48 percent of the users were female. Females spend an average of 16 minutes on these sports websites on each visit. Bet365 has proved to be the best site to capture teens where the teens have spent an average of two hours on this site during the tournament. Tournament pool and college basket ball websites were also among the most visited websites in the hit wise sports category for the year 2007.

A study by the internet research firm Nielsen and Net Ratings show that more than half a number of teens chose BBC sports websites. The study also showed that the BBC Sports website had attracted more teens and visitors than its rival Sky Sports website.
A huge amount of work has gone in to BBC Sport website to make it the most visited sports websites by teens and the major advantage is that it had an appealing and attractive content online with live video, player ratings and virtual replays. Now you know.