Modest wedding dresses and gowns

Modest wedding dresses and gowns

In a world viewed by many as having rapidly declining morals, many families and brides-to-be are finding it ever more difficult to find modest wedding dresses and wedding gowns.

Many women, along with their fathers, are met with frustration as they look for a dress that satisfies both their sense of style as well as their desire for modesty.

Designers know that a woman wants to feel beautiful and sexy on their wedding day. But many designers feel that the best way to give a woman that feeling is by removing sleeves and shoulder straps, having low-cut necklines, and removing as much of the back as possible. Modest dresses meanwhile receive very little attention from designers, and modest-dress seekers are often left with few choices, what little there is being very bland and out of fashion.

But despite increasing demand for modest clothing, few people have taken up the challenge of filling this market. The pickings were slim... until now. Companies like Fairy Godmothers Bridal, offering large selections of modest wedding gowns, are beginning to pick up the slack in this growing market.

Based in Utah where there is a large Mormon population that demands modesty in dress, Fairy Godmothers Bridal has successfully filled a need in a community that previously might have had to custom tailor a wedding gown from scratch in order to satisfy their desire for a modest yet fashionable dress.

The response to our large line of modest wedding gowns has been amazing," said Fairy Godmothers Bridal owner Sue Jones.

And its not just Utah Mormons that are interested. Jones says that she receives orders for modest wedding dresses from around the nation. "I often have customers thank me and tell me how difficult it has been for them to find a modest wedding gown."

Understanding that there is demand for all types of wedding gowns, in addition to sporting one of the largest selections of modest gowns Fairy Godmothers Bridal also carries many gowns for customers that want and enjoy the currently popular trends in fashionable wedding dresses.

Choosing a modest wedding gown

Modesty means different things to different people. In choosing a gown that fits your personal definition of modesty, here are a few things to watch for:

Neckline - Perhaps the most agreed upon definition for an immodest wedding gown is a low neckline. However, opinion varies on just how low the neckline can go while retaining modesty.

Sleeves - Sleeves can vary from full length to the wrist, to no sleeve at all. Short and partial length sleeves can also be found.

Back design - While a fully covered back is the tradition, many people feel that exposing the back can be done while still maintaining a modest standard. Keyhole and scoop designs are common with gowns considered to still be modest by most standards.

Fairy Godmothers Bridal carries wedding gowns with combinations of all these factors. In addition to wedding gowns, you can also order fashionable wedding invitations (from cheap to elegant), and other wedding accessories making it a one-stop shop for the bride-to-be.