List of Jobs Hiring illegal immigrants
List of Jobs Hiring illegal immigrants

List of Jobs Hiring illegal immigrants

If you are still waiting for a working permit or stuck at the hands of merciless employers who make you work an 8 hour job yet pay you less than minimum wage, then its time you consider hopping on board some of these better jobs we have listed that are hiring illegal immigrants.

At the bottom of our list is doing an odd job. Babysitting, washing cars, running errands, cleaning houses and mowing lawns are some of your options. These are very easy and usually will not require you to show legal documents involving a work permit.
Number two in our list is being an online freelance writer. If you can speak English well, or better yet, know a second language, you are in luck because some websites offer jobs for people who can write good English, edit papers or even translate them. You might be asked for some work experience in the field or even ask for your highest educational attainment. Nonetheless, these websites do not require a work permit from the government.

The best job hiring illegal immigrants is participating in paid survey services. These websites are host to some of the biggest companies hoping to have surveys accomplished at a short period of time. By signing up and choosing which surveys you want to participate in, the host website will enlist you to some of the surveys being offered by the companies. You can make from about $20 to more than $200 a month, depending on your performance. The best thing about this is that you can do it at your own time, even in the convenience of your own home provided that you have internet connection and a computer.
GPT Infinity is an equal opportunity employer and by
far the best paying form filling job for illegals.