Keep Posted on the History of Digital Signage
Keep Posted on the History of Digital Signage

Keep Posted on the History of Digital Signage

To get familiar with the digital signage, you can have a trip down the memory lane of the era of VCRs and televisions when a product was commercially advertised through these means.
It was during 1970s when the concept of digital signage emerged. However, before the advent of commercial advertising, almost everything was pre-recorded.
Lately advertising has become the part and parcel of a commercial product and is usually considered as an effective way to carry out marketing. Besides, it also helps organizations to make their mark. Digital signage, being introduced in the field of advertisement, is one of the latest technologies.
Digital signage facilitates large business organizations to make use of electronic screens for broadcasting ads or information regarding their products. This technology helps improve various marketing strategies that may prove to be useful for the publicity of a product.
While advertising a particular product in the market, it is obvious that customers should be provided with valid information regarding the product. The digital signage has brought some revolutionary changes in the field of advertising right from the introduction of camera, VCR, mass media and many more.
Besides these, the print media and billboards have been common means of promotional campaigns. The digital signage is the latest addition to publicize a product. This kind of advertisement such a kind of advertisement has got its roots spread from shopping malls to airports, restaurants, post offices and many more.
Now-a-days digital signage has recognized as an efficient means of broadcasting information pertaining a particular product, which thus tends to enhance the sale of a product. In technical terms, we can define Digital Signage as an electronic digital board system with illuminating projection feature that basically aids in broadcasting messages.
A digital signage can also be considered as a LCD screen that aids in the designing of multimedia projections, with the added audio and visual features. It thus transforms a product promotion campaign into an interactive visual advertisement and thus updating the customers regarding all the recent utilities in the market.
The changes in the recent technology enable various companies to exhibit a high quality content using a broadband Internet connection. The introduction of the digital signage solutions in most of the shopping complexes, Cineplexs restaurants attracts the attention of customers. At all these places advertisements are usually displayed on big and bright electronic screens.
This attractive solution thus contributes in enhancing sale factor due to the good promotional product campaign. The digital signage finds its scope not only in the marketing sector but also in stock -exchanges, airports and in those fields where information display is quite vital.
Along with the numerous benefits that digital signage offers, it does suffers from certain limitations. One of major limitation emerging in its use includes an extreme high cost. A LCD digital signage is extremely fragile in nature due to its extreme high cost factor. Moreover, the software used in it is prone to errors.
This is how the history of digital signage has changed and is still in the process of continuous changes.