Is There a Spell To Make Him Call Me?

Is There a Spell To Make Him Call Me?

If the man if you life suddenly stops calling you and doesnt answer the phone when you call, you may be thinking you need a spell to make him call you. You are probably going crazy thinking, please, make him call me!Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale and you cannot make him call you by casting a spell on him.But dont give up! Think you cant make your man get in touch with you again?

I have a recipe for you.My book 101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling and What You Must Do About It explains all possible reasons why men dont call women they date, and why those men give up on calling.Your boyfriend may be a commitment phobic and you dont even know it. If he stopped calling you after dating for several weeks, months even, there is a good chance he is a commitment phobic.

But you may argue, he pursued me so hard! He was calling all the time! And then, all of a sudden he stopped calling! There should be an explanation to this!You are right on the money here. There is an explanation and I will go over the reasons a commitment phobic man stops calling and how to make him call you.

Think you need a spell to make him call you? There is no such magic spell! And no amount of praying helps. But what helps is having the emotional maturity to do the right thing in a tough situation like this. In fact, there are psychological strategies and tricks you can use to make him call you again.To learn ways to deal with a situation when a man stops calling, visit

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