Irregular Menstruation - Causes and Symptoms
Irregular Menstruation - Causes and Symptoms

Irregular Menstruation - Causes and Symptoms

There are lot many causes, which can obstruct with the regularity of the menstrual periods. A number of of the significant factors are described below.


The poor diet and tremendous weight loss or weight gain can influence the hormonal levels in the body. A woman with bulimia and anorexia often protest irregular or no menstrual periods. If a woman is malnourished, she is more vulnerable to have irregular menstrual periods. Unnecessary hot and spicy food may prolong the menstrual cycle along with the disturbance in digestive system. If one has it, she may also undergo from increased bleeding and very much pain during the menstrual flow.


Heavy exercises can create the body weak. This also reasons the menstrual cycle to be irregular. Carrying heavy load and lifting the things that is out of ones power may cause the pain and irregularity in menstrual cycle and so the flow.

Hormonal birth control

A lot of times, birth control pills and irregular periods of menstrual cycle go hand in hand. Womans body takes a while to regulate to the newer levels of hormones those are delivered by the hormonal birth control pills as a supplement.


Womans body produces a variety of levels of the hormones and definite new hormones when she becomes pregnant. Once, the pregnancy is achieved, the menstrual flow stops and the cycle disappears. This is measured as physiological, and is said to be normal being the major sign of beginning. Even after babys birth, there may be irregularity in menstruation cycle and is measured as normal.


Most recent researches now fully concur with the stress, being one of the main affecting issues for irregular menstruation. If the woman is concerned, worrying, having anxiety or depression, she may miss the menstrual flow or may end up with profuse bleeding.


It plays most important role in menstruation. The cycle gets troubled when one has lactation period. In more of the cases, the menstrual cycle disappears through lactation.

Menarche and Menopause

This is once more a usual physiological sign. When a girl attends her first period, it is relatively natural to have irregularity in first stages of menstrual flow with pain or uneasiness in the body. In a similar way, when a woman compete her menopause phase, there will be irregularity in the menstrual flow.

Symptoms of irregular menstruation

Symptoms begin with very profuse bleeding. Bleeding happens apart from the regular menses. The gap between 2 menstrual periods is either longer or shorter as contrast to normal cycle. There is a pain in flanks, back just above the pelvic region. Change in frame of mind and tetchiness is fairly common.

Lack of attention, anorexia, sleeplessness etc is not rare in a woman suffering from irregular menstruation. Sometimes a woman passes hot flesh and this is the circumstance to be taken utmost be concerned about.

Complication of irregular menstruation

Normally, a woman avoided her irregular menstrual periods thoughts that they will be all right by next cycle. From time to time, there may be other underlying complication causing irregularity in the menstrual cycle. One has to be careful for this type of menses as once, it turns to a main disease and it becomes hard to treat.

As a difficulty, irregular menses may obstruct with the ovulation as it may turn into some disease such as polycystic ovary syndrome in which, there is a cyst that disturbs the normal ovulation. Dandruff, excessive hair growth, acne, weight gain and high blood pressure are ordinary. Endometriosis, ovarian cancer and heart disease are afterward complex stages those are rare to take place.

Prevention of irregular menstruation

The prevention of irregular menstruation counted according to causes. The root or underlying reason is to be avoided primary. For this, need regular check up of the ovaries and uterus. Regular medical check up in reproductive age of a woman is the best to keep away from any dangers.

Other precautionary measurements are given below...

* Decrease your weight if you fall below the obesity category.
* Try to be in good mood. Keep away from pressure, anxiety, depression and uncertainties.
* In Ayurveda, it is suggested that non-vegetarian diet to be avoided during the irregular menstruation.
* Keep away from Stale, decayed and canned foods.
* Keep away from heavy exercises. Lifting, pulling and pushing heavy objects are harmful.
* Try some natural hormonal herbal products.
* Keep away form smoking, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Diet for irregular menstruation

Most recent researches demonstrate that Vitamin B6 is excellent for treating this circumstances but one has to be careful taking this in surplus quantity. Magnesium and Vitamin E also play a very important role in giving relief from the irregularity in menses.

One can also contain potassium rich foods such as banana, cranberries etc. Cut down the sodium drinking in your every day diet. One should keep away from spicy, junk and packed food as they may include preservatives and hence, are damaging for this circumstance.

Refreshment drinks such as coffee, tea and extra energy drinks are to be control. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables are to be taken in good amount. In a case of flaw and lethargy, you can go for a chicken soup or vegetable soup with little spice such as black pepper or ginger. The mixture of cereals and pulses is very helpful in treating the irregular menstruation. This is measured as very rich source of Vitamin B complex.

Ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstruation

There are a lot of herbs in Ayurveda having beneficial property on the menstrual irregularity. They reinstate the cycle and get better the health circumstance of women. Babool, lodra, hingu, ashoka, vata, mehndi and vansha are a number of of the Ayurvedic herbs that can give you best outcome in uneven menstruation. Formulas contain these herbs are obtainable in the market at herbal stores.

Most recent researches reveal that a number of Yoga postures are gives reimbursement in irregular menstruation. Along with appropriate diet, internal herbal medications if one performs some particular Yoga postures, it is fairly sure to get rid of irregular cycles of menstruations.

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