Improve Voice Tone - Tips to Make You Sound Suave And Sexy

Improve Voice Tone - Tips to Make You Sound Suave And Sexy

A deep bass voice often equates to power, dominance, and even charisma. The most powerful man in the United States can attest to that. His voice, as many experts have noted, is solid and deep yet soothing-the vocal tone that makes a great speaker and leader. In addition, research shows that a persons voice, including its pitch, tone, and volume, has a 38% impact on an audience. That fact cannot stress enough the importance of a powerful voice tone.

Good thing, there are several techniques one can use to improve voice tone. One way to achieve that is by working on the resonance in the voice. The voice of most Americans lack resonance-it is typically flat and thin. Good resonance in the voice means being able to produce rich and powerful sounds. It is achieved by improving breath control, which involves using the diaphragm correctly when breathing and keeping an open and relaxed throat when speaking.

For the best resonance, the vocal tone should be placed at the back of the upper front teeth. If you run your tongue from behind the upper front teeth, the area touched by your tongue is called the hard palate. To be able to sound deeper, the words must be formed close to the hard palate. If that becomes a habit, it will make a big difference to how a person sounds as he speaks.

While many people believe that having a deep bass voice is acquired during birth, it is actually a skill that can be learned through various improve voice tone techniques.

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