How we can all help the environment
How we can all help the environment

As I write this article children around the World are striking from school to get attention for the issue of climate change.   Indeed it is a serious issue but striking against education is not the answer.   The answer instead lies nearer to home.

If each of us start by making small changes to our lifestyle then in time we can make a big difference.   Here are some little steps that each of us can take which will help, and as they say ever little helps.

Plant trees / grow plants

Everyone lives somewhere, so why not plant a tree in a corner of your garden, if you are siting in a bedroom or home office like I am at the time of writing this, think now is there space for a plant in here with me?  The answer we all know is yes, and it doesn't have to be expensive, you only need a packet of seeds to start growing something anything.  Because plants fix carbon, ie they breathe in the CO2 we breathe out and turn it back to O2.

Solar panels

Wait these are very expensive aren't they?  Well believe it or not there is a small but growing second user market for old panels that is developing on places like ebay or gumtree,  I live in the UK but saw an entire roof of panels around 18 for only $2,000 OK I would have had to hire a van and go and remove them myself, buy compare that cost to the around $12,000 cost of them new and you begin to see the potential to save on omissions.

Solar panels have not been around that long, so if you can get a whole roof full for $2,000 imagine what opportunities will come along in the future.

Battery powered cars.

Again new electric cars are more expensive than petrol or diesel but I saw a second hand Nissan Leaf for only $6,000 and in the UK prices are way more expensive that the USA, so it is possible to make the switch to an Electric vehicle right now and at an affordable rate.


In the UK we have a curbside collection, but the average council recycling rate is only around 45% if we all try hard we can easily push that rate over 50% just by taking or making the effort to separate out our waste so it can be re-used.


Keep calling on your local representatives both locally and nationally to support improved recycling rates and to favour alternative energy solutions such as Solar farms,  and offshore / onshore wind farms.   That is one advantage the UK has we have a large offshore are known as Dogger bank which covers 100's of square km's and where the sea level is as shallow as 12m.  It is perfect for a huge offshore wind-farm which in theory at least could generate enough energy for the whole of the UK and most of the EU

Work practices.

If you have the option work locally that way you can cycle or travel more easily to work using an electric vehicle.

These are just a few simple steps, some are very easy and everyone of us could take them, such as buying or planting more plants and trees.   But we need to think of the future and how to move our economies over to sustainable futures.  

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I believe that it needs all of us to work together and it can be done.