How to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Your Hair With Rosemary
How to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Your Hair With Rosemary

How to Stop Hair Loss and Grow Your Hair With Rosemary

You can fight hair loss. If you are starting to notice that your hair is thinning, then the best solution is to start using natural hair care products. Why?

Natural hair products are full of herbs, vitamins, and oils that can promote healthy hair growth. Several studies have proven that the foods we eat today lack critical nutrients vital to having stong and healthy hair. In order to combat hair loss, many people have begun eating healthier and taking more vitamins. While this will help your hair grow, unless you start stimulating your scalp by massaging it and infusing your hair follicles with vitamin rich oils, your efforts will only result in merger gains.

First, stop buying drugstore shampoos and conditoners. My grandpa always use to tell me you get what you pay for; and in the case of most drugstore hair care products, he was correct. No matter whether you are buying a $1 bottle of shampoo or a $17 bottle of shampoo, you are buying the same shampoo, with a different label. I have worked inside the hair care products industry for over 35 years, with everyone from Revlon to Johnson & Johnson, and now I spend my time as a consumer educator. The ugly truth about sythenic drugstore shampoos is that the $1 bottle of shampoo you buy costs .10 - .30 to manufacturer and the $17 bottle of shampoo costs .10 to .70 cents to manufacturer, not including packaging. On the other hand, if you buy an all natural shampoo that costs you $18, in most cases, it would have cost $10 -$12 to manufacturer, not including packaging. The diference in cost is in the quality of ingredients. Nautural hair care products do not contain chemicals that damage hair to increase the shelf life of a product. Nautral hair care shampoos are full of vitamins and herbs that stimulate hair growth. Natural hair care shampoos are not predominately just water, suds, and bubbles. Now that you know why you should by natural hair care products, let me tell you what to buy to stop hair loss.

In my opinion, the best natural shampoos for stimulating hair growth will contain Rosemary essential oil, not just rosemary extract. Now dont go to the store and buy a bottle of rosemary oil and place it directly on your scalp, this can cause severe irritation. I recommend rosemary oil because when massaged into the scalp, it has been proven to promote stronger, healthy hair. The truth is, most people with thinning hair, have weak hair, especially those of us who start to lose their hair, yet have no genetic traits for baldness in our family lines. Rosemary is a woody herb that works wonders for females and males in strengthening weak hair follicles from the shaft. If you do not have money for a hair transplant and are not a fan of Propecia or Rogain, then try Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.s Super Gro System. It is full of not only my favorite Rosemary, but several other ingredients that are great for stopping hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. All of their products contain B Vitamins, so you dont have to take them by mouth. Their products are also accompanied by faith scriptures, to keep your spirits high. Although they do not offer a money back guarantee, I have personally used their products to grow back my temple areas and to stop my residing hairline. Several of my friends use their products and have experienced great results in 3 and 6 months. You can learn more about their products at wwwdiscoverb4acom

Remember, if you are serious about your hair growth do the following:
1. Switch to All-Natural Hair Care Products
2. Buy hair care products containing Rosemary essential oil. I recommend the Super Gro System made by Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Co.
3. Change Your Diet & Keep your Faith High!
4. Drink Plenty of Water
5. Stay away from people & activities that keep you stressed
6. Lay off the alcohol and junk food
7. Lay off chemicals and heat on your hair