How to Steal Maximum Pleasure with Open Mouth Kissing

How to Steal Maximum Pleasure with Open Mouth Kissing

Open mouth kissing can bring two individuals so close that they exchange their warmth, love and want for each other. If done in an awful manner, a kiss with open mouth can turn the things messy and make your partner reluctant enough to meet you ever. Always approach with right procedure and you will find your partner asking for more.

A kiss with open mouth can go on for a long time, leaving behind two satisfied souls and minds. You must have seen hot looking men kissing some spicy women with open mouth on your TV screens. However, when it is real life situation and its your turn to kiss, things change dramatically. A tasteful open mouth kiss can exhibit your desire to your partner and make him/her weak down the knees. Here are few suggestions to help you extract maximum out of your first kiss with open mouth.

Balanced Act of Aggression

Aggression is an important element of open mouth kissing, however, it must be employed in a balanced manner, so that your partners mouth is not exploited. Sometimes aggression is important to remove the shyness of your partner, who is otherwise not willing for this playful act. Thus, use your insistent nature for arousing the feelings of your partner and not to display your animal instinct.

What Your Partner Thinks

You can get to know instantly about your partners conformity for open mouth kissing and you should react appropriately. For this, you can observe the language spoken by your partners body. If there is an attempt to pull away or if the tension builds up in your partners body, you should certainly stop it then and there. If, however, you trace the keenness of your partner, there is no need to restrict yourself from ultimate pleasure of open mouth kissing.

Using Tongue Or Not

There is a myth accompanied with open mouth kissing that it is not complete without using your tongues. It absolutely depends upon your and your partners will, whether you want to use tongues while kissing with open mouth or not. If anyone of you is not prepared for playing with tongues, your lips are enough to complete the magic of open mouth kissing.

Managing Your Saliva

When you are involved in deep open mouth kissing with your partner, your saliva keeps on accumulating in the mouth. To manage this excessive amount of saliva, you can swallow again and again. You can take a little break from this act, provided your partner is willing to leave your mouth even for a few moments. This will help you to adjust your saliva and ensure that kissing doesnt lead to mess.

Make Your Deep Kissing Eternal

A deep open mouth kiss between two of you can last for few minutes, but its memories can be everlasting, if an apposite procedure is employed. First of all, improve your breath, if you have bad breathing problem. Secondly, you should place your hands at right places to further intensify the participation of your partner. Lastly, there should be no scarcity of emotions in your eyes, when you approach your partner for a memorable deep kiss.

This special form of kiss should be for a special person in your life. If it is your first attempt, make it appealing so that your partner always looks for situations to kiss you in the similar manner.

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