How to Solve Delivery Status Notification in Outlook Personal Folders File?
How to Solve Delivery Status Notification in Outlook Personal Folders File?

How to Solve Delivery Status Notification in Outlook Personal Folders File?

Delivery status notifications or DSN is an automatically generated email message from the mail system that informs the sender about delivery issues. It indicates that the message have bounced for some reasons. In Outlook Personal Folder, you might observe unexpected DSNs for several read or unread email messages. The article describes such an issue, which might occur if the Personal Folder (.pst) file is corrupted. Thus, to restore the lost information, you may need to restore the file from backup or use a influential PST Repair Tool.

For instance, consider an instance when you install some security updates for Outlook 2003. After this, you observe that PST files starts generating unexpected Delivery Status Notifications for read and unread email messages.


This behavior is generally observed after you install security update 925938 and/or 929969. PST generates unexpected DSNs because it is corrupted.


It is suggested to backup your .pst files before applying any updates. This will help you to prevent against any post-crash consequences. However, to repair the corrupted .pst file, you should use Scanpst.exe application. This tool comes included with all installation options of Outlook. To run the tool, you require to follow these steps:

1-Locate the tool on your hard drive. Its typical location is one of the following folders

:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMapi1033
:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033

Where, should be replaced by the primary drive of your hard disk, generally C:.

You can alternatively use Windows Find or Serach option for the same.

1-Double-click the Scanpst.exe file to launch the Inbox Repair Tool
2-Specify the corrupted PST file path or browse to its location and click Start
3-Exit the tool after it finishes

If the repair process ends successfully, you should not receive unexpected DSNs the next time. However, if PST still shows corruption symptoms, you are recommended to Repair PST using safe and powerful third-party tools. A PST Repair Tool is a comprehensively built application with advanced scanning technology that could repair the damaged Outlook Personal Folders.

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