How To Repair My Wii overheating Problems
How To Repair My Wii overheating Problems

How To Repair My Wii overheating Problems

Want to fix your Wii overheating problems? There are several ways to do this, but only 3 of them are the best and you have to make a choice between those 3, but I will help you with that! The 3 options are: Sending your console to Nintendo, sending your console to a Repair Shop or to repair the overheating problems by yourself. Its hard to choose... right? Lets compare them!

Sending your Wii to Nintendo

Sending your console to Nintendo might seem like a good idea... right? But is it really a good idea to do? Well, if you want my opinion, its not really that great to do. This is simply because of 2 reasons: The money it will costs you, and the time it will take.

When you do this, you will have to pay $82,50 for the repairs. This includes the handling and shipping costs. This is a lot of money for an easy repair that could be easily done by yourself.

Another major downside that this option has is its waiting times. Many people had to wait between 2 and 4 weeks before they got their console back. This is a lot of time and it could be done faster!

Sending your Console thats overheating to a Repair Shop

Sending your console to a Repair Shop is almost the same as sending it to Nintendo. The only differents between this option and the first one, is that its closer to home. This means that the time it takes will be slightly shorter, but dont get to excited though, it still takes at least 1 week.

Repair the Wii overheating problems by.... Yourself!

This is actually the best option you have. Whats better than fixing the problems by yourself? It has huge advantages... It will be cheaper and it will be faster.

Its recommended to use a repair guide on this. Why? Because a repair guide will help you to fix your wii overheating problems with step by step instructions thats coming along with detailed photos. This way, you will repair your console thats having overheating problems in no-time.

Many people who have done a repair by themselves have done it all mostly within 1 day. Thats right... Theres no need to wait for weeks, as long as you do it yourself with the use of a repair guide.