How to Import Embroidery Styles Into the Bro SE400

How to Import Embroidery Styles Into the Bro SE400

The Sibling SE400 Embroidery and Sewing Machine is a SE350 plus USB cable port. This indicates you can connect the SE400 directly to your personal computer. You can then obtain embroidery patterns saved on your pc into the SE400. This article explains step-by-step how to do this.

Pick.PES or.DST Compatible Embroidery Models

You can buy additional embroidery models for the Brother SE400 on CD or obtain them from the Web. In addition, several on the internet sites, including, have designs you can obtain for free of charge.

The Bro SE400 can only deal with embroidery knowledge information in.PES and.DST format. Be confident to get the right file format.

Check that hoop size is 4x4 inches.

Duplicate Or Obtain The Embroidery Knowledge Files To Your Laptop or computer

I normally store all of my styles in a folder referred to as "Embroidery Designs" on my Desktop. Then I organize them in sub-folders by variety. For example, "Flowers" or "Sports." Make certain that the file names dont include particular characters. Its safest to only use letters, numbers, hyphen (-), and underscore (_).

Join Your Personal computer To The Brother SE400

Plug the included USB cable into the USB port on the correct side of the SE400. Join the other end of the cable to the USB port on your personal computer. Make sure each the laptop or computer and embroidery machine are turned on.

You ought to see the "Detachable Disk" icon in "My Computer" on the computer.

Duplicate The Embroidery Style Knowledge Files To "Detachable Disk"

Add the embroidery information information you want to stitch 1 at a time to "Detachable Disk." Do not put folders in "Removable Disk." The SE400 cant recognize folders or discover embroidery sewing designs forums in folders.

Do not imitate far more than 12 habits to "Removable Disk."

Save the designs to the machines memory. Otherwise the designs in "Detachable Disk" will be lost when you turn off the SE400, and you will have to backup them over from the pc again.

Choose The Pattern You Want To Stitch

Press the USB icon on the LCD screen. The saved styles are shown. If you have a.PES file, you will see an image of the layout. Move to the sample you want making use of the Previous and Next page keys. Press the Retrieve key.

The Tajima (.dst) Embroidery Information Information are limited. Only the 1st eight characters of the file name will be shown in the sample list, not the picture of the style. Also the.dst format does not contain distinct thread colors and will be displayed with Brother default color sequence. Verify the preview and change the thread colors to what you like.

Embroider Your New Sample

Edit the style and design and begin stitching.

For Macintosh Users

Even though Bro says the SE400 is only compatible with Windows, it works just fine with the Macintosh. Join it to your Macs USB port. The SE400 will show up as an external tough drive, named "Unknown." Just drag and drop the embroidery recordsdata to this drive. The rest of the instructions really should be the same as the PC.