How to Identify The 3 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back
How to Identify The 3 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

How to Identify The 3 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Break ups not only create a space between you and your ex but also gives enough time to think about each other. Breaking up with someone is tough, it effects everything you do for a long time. Youre now thinking of getting your ex back, but how can you be sure that it wont be a vain effort? Are you are looking for signs your ex wants you back? Well there is a lot of confusing advice about what signs to look for that your ex wants you back. The following are the 3 signs your ex wants you back.

When looking for signs your ex wants you back it isnt easy to put logic and common sense ahead of emotions.

1) Your Ex Missing You
I think it is not easy to recognize the early signs and no one should ever beat themselves up for missing them. The biggest problem with early signs is that they can go one way or the other. It is common to miss your ex after a recent break up. If you want your ex back however, you need to be careful not to communicate with your ex too soon. You might have to make your ex miss you. Over a period of time, after the cooling off period, and your ex still misses you, there is a high tendency that your ex does want you back.

Another sign of missing you is special places. For most people, special places are indelibly associated in their minds with special loves. Your ex could just be missing you and going there because the place reminds your ex of you.

2) Meeting Up With Your Ex
When meeting up with your ex, observe and look out for her body language that may give hint to her inner feelings. Look for prolonged eye contact during conversation and small bodily adjustments like her hair, clothing and posture when your ex first sees your presence. 

For a woman, her desire for physical contact is so closely wired to their emotional state that if she truly wants nothing more to do with you emotionally, she will also be cool and polite physically. You can tell the difference between a polite social hug or handshake, and the sort of warm, affectionate hug that happens between people who are emotionally close.

3) Dating
She may have decided to go out on dates but if she still sees you even if she starts dating someone else, it means she is giving you a fair chance to prove yourself. Do not waste this chance and make the best out of it. 

If she wants nothing to do with you, likelihood she wouldnt even want to remain in contact with you not to mention going out with you. The reason your ex still sees you remains to show that she still misses you and could be a sign that she wants to get back with you. She is dating someone else only because she thought she wanted to move on in life but that happens in only her mind. She is following her heart when she wants to go out with you simply because that is where you belong, in her heart.

She may not say yes right away, but if you see all three signs that your ex-girlfriend wants you back, pursue her showing your love at this point is a sure way to getting her back again.

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