How to Get a Tiny Waist Without Ever Breaking a Sweat
How to Get a Tiny Waist Without Ever Breaking a Sweat

How to Get a Tiny Waist Without Ever Breaking a Sweat

Heres how to get a tiny waist and finally lose those love handles. Ive done the following method and lose over 2 inches from my waist line in about a month!

This exercise is so simple to do and it has such an effect that I have suggested this to many of my friends and family and they all get results from it.

How To Get A Tiny Waist
This exercise has nothing to do with burning calories and youll never have to do a single sit-up.

Most exercises for the waist are either by abdominal contractions like sit-ups and crunches, or fat burning cardio programs. Cardio is a great way to lose some weight and increase your energy but it can be quite time consuming. Sit-ups are painful and can actually cause back problems.

This exercise actually targets the muscle under the abs. As my trainer once told me, "Its the real abs, not the superficial ones"

So heres how it goes.
Make sure you take deep breaths while youre doing this. When you take your first breath, suck in your tummy and hold both your breath and belly in. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds. If you cant hold your breath for that long, its ok. Do so for as long as you can. Take your time and slowly let go as you breathe out.

Thats it. Repeat the process as many times as you wish. Obviously the more you do it, the fast youll notice results. I find the best thing to do is split up your reps throughout the day.

This is just one very simple and effective way to get a tiny waist without even breaking a sweat!

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